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Think Pink

Different colours effect our mood feelings, and even behaviours. The colour pink, for example, is thought to be calming. It is often associated with love, kindness, and femininity.

Colour preferences are often linked to past experiences. People who are drawn to pink tend to have pleasant memories of the colour. For me pink evokes feelings of excitement and happiness as I remember seeing my first two wheeler bike for the first time - a fuscia pink Malvern Star. I didn’t even know that bikes came in that colour! I never saw another one and it felt unique and special. I Dream of Jeannie (always in pink) was my favourite TV show, and to my Pink themed 13th birthday party I wore a Fuscia long “sloppy joe” dress with matching leggings and a side pony tail. Pink was my signature colour!

Many people immediately associate pink with all things feminine and girly. Some shades of pale pink are described as relaxing, while brighter, vibrant shades can be stimulating, positive and fun. Let’s face it, we could all do with a dose of fun and positivity right now.  

Not ones to shy away from pink, our Zjoosh team have curated a beautiful collection of apparel and homewares in a variety of pink hues with the aim of sparking a little joy. Our favourites right now are our Pink Italian Serving Spoons which make a great girly gift as we head into the entertaining season. A splash of pink on your beautiful table setting is sure to add an element of fun and cheer to your event! The cherry on top in our pink collection has to be our Genie Lamps which are absolute showstoppers. Feminine, elegant, brave and chic.

Shop all stores and online for splashes of pink for your home or your wardrobe. A bright and uplifting colour to bring lightness and positivity to you this Spring!

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