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Q and A with Kell for International Women's Day

Our Founder and Creative Director Kell Rigney was asked by Stockland to take part in a Q and A for International Women’s Day. We thought we’d share it with you.

  • Is there a female figure that inspires you? It’s hard to choose just one. I work with more than 70 women, all with their own stories and supporting their families and each other in lots of different ways. There are single mums and mums of sick kids. A lot of these women carry the full load. That’s pretty inspiring.
  • If you could have dinner with one inspirational woman dead or alive, who would it be? My maternal grandmother. She was a great lady. Incredibly strong and kind, and extremely hard working. She raised her 4 daughters and her sister’s 2 children on her own! I’d love to be able to ask her more questions about that.   
  • What do you think is the biggest challenge facing female leaders today? Where to start? I do think women are typically held to a higher standard than men. The social expectations to “do it all” at home and at work automatically place us on an uneven playing field. I’ve seen women have to choose one or the other when it all gets too much. I’m lucky that in my home we really do share the load.
  • What has been your biggest challenge in business? There have been lots of challenges, Covid of course being the obvious one. Navigating lengthy lockdown periods and pivoting to an online only environment for several months whilst remaining positive and motivated was a lot! I still can’t believe we managed to do that.
  • What has been your proudest business achievement so far? I think creating a place where women feel motivated, supported and happy. Most of the time it’s just girls around here. Moving 220 cartons at a total of 3900kg in a day is no big deal for Monica our warehouse manager. I’m surrounded by women who are as passionate about our brand as I am. We are a women for women brand. I personally love coming to work every day and I’m really proud to be able to say that.
  • How do you strike a work/life balance when running your own business? It’s really difficult. I work with my family, so it can be hard to switch off. Family dinners and date nights can easily become business meetings. Zjoosh is a shared passion in our family. It’s like our 5th child, so the lines can become blurry. 
  • Do you feel that women can be further supported in the business world? And if so, how? Feeling respected and listened too is incredibly important. Flexibility in the workplace is key. At Zjoosh we work different hours and on different days. We make it work because we have a common goal. 
  • Can you recommend any books, podcasts or websites for fellow female entrepreneurs? I’m  podcast addict. Everything Mama Mia. The Lady Startups podcasts are great. So real and reassuring. Glennon Doyle for “Life Stuff” in general. She’s incredible. I’ve also really enjoyed “So I Quit My Day Job” with Cathrine Mahony. I saw her speak at an event last year. Super funny and again very real. 
  • What’s one piece of advice you would give to a woman considering the leap to start her own business? Surround yourself with strong, intelligent, hardworking and solution driven people both in your business and personal life - people who actively support you in achieving your goals. Lean into others who can help you do the things which are outside your skillset. Ask for help. You can’t do it all on your own. Oh, and people will criticise. Keep going anyway. 
  • Rebecca Taylor

True To Blue

In Ancient Greece it appears that the word “blue” did not even exist. Perhaps because this colour is the colour of the seas and the sky, it was considered more of a neutral colour and not deserving of it’s own descriptor. Even in the English language, words for “blue” appeared last.

As darker blues such as navy blue are often associated with the idea of authority -think dark blue suits and police uniforms. Conversely softer shades of blue can inspire feelings of calm and serenity. To me the use of soft powder blues in home décor feel tranquil and peaceful.

Blue is an easy colour to live with. It is our most popular colour in home décor and in fashion. I guess people are so accustomed to seeing it all around them all the time so it feels so natural and comfortable.

Explore our hues of blue online and in stores. We’d love to help you begin your year by invigorating your home or your wardrobe with a wash of beautiful, clean, fresh blue. X Kell.

  • Rebecca Taylor

Be Our Guest - Beautiful Festive Decor

It's easy to get caught up in the madness of the lead up to Christmas. The busy social calendars and the pressure of getting everything done "before Christmas" can be a lot. I know in the past I have been guilty of treating the day as a bit of a finish line rather than a very special day to show gratitude.

I think Covid has taught us to become a little more reflective about the important things in life. Being forced to slow down gave us time to think about the people who really matter.

One of my mum's covid projects was to sift through hundreds and maybe thousands of old photos, sort them into order and gift them to our family. She gave us each an album, and I think it was the best gift I've ever received. It's been so great flipping through them and remembering special times that I truly hadn't thought about in years.

I put up our Christmas tree this afternoon and popped some of my favourite pics mum had given me into our gorgeous hanging frames. Beautiful images of family members who are no longer with us and who we think of at Christmas especially.

I think these frames are the sweetest idea. Perhaps you can't make it home this year and would like to send a family photo as a thoughtful gift. Perhaps you've lost someone and would like to be reminded of them at this special time of year.

I'm planning on filling some more hanging frames tonight with pics of our family holiday back in April. A holiday we were so lucky to have had in such a mucked about year.

Shop online and in stores for these sentimental ornaments and endless other decorations and gift ideas. When you buy 4 you receive 1 for free. Our stores have never been so full and alive with the magic of Christmas. We'd love to help you make this Christmas extra special. X Kell

  • Rebecca Taylor

Summer By The Sea

As people of the world’s driest inhabited continent, it is no surprise that beaches have become so central to the Australian way of life.

A perfect cheap day out for all the family. A place where a cross section of people from far and wide can gather, cool off and take a break from it all. The beach on a hot day is a quintessential Australian experience.

For other members of my family, the beach can mean hours of beach cricket, body surfing or volley ball. Not so for me. It's a place to just stop. I park myself in a chair, under an umbrella (or more recently a beach cabana) and read and read and read in the most perfect and relaxing setting one could wish for.

Beach comfort has become a big deal for me. The day is so much better and longer with a comfortable, shady space to sit. Loads of cold water is an absolute must, and I try to avoid getting up and down as much as possible.

With this is mind we have tried and tested all manner of beach accoutrement and have found some which passes every test, including the "pretty test".

With our Buy 4, Get 1 Free offer you can either set yourself up for the most stylish and comfortable summer by the sea, or get a head start on gift shopping for your family with gifts they will enjoy year after year.

From cooler bags, to chairs, umbrellas or cabanas, we have a sturdy and stylish selection suitable for him or her.

Pop online or in stores to explore our collection. X Kell

  • Rebecca Taylor

While Retail Slept

While the bricks and mortar retail world has been sound asleep during lockdown, we’ve been far from idle. The last lockdown taught us that there was no use in falling apart. From the first announcement of the second lockdown, we resolved to get moving full steam ahead on some really important brand initiatives which may have been more challenging during “usual times”. 

We had recently taken in a much larger warehouse space, so we set about conducting a major rationalisation of our online business procedures. We knew we had to ensure that our pick, pack and dispatch was super efficient in a world where browsing stores was not possible. Our customers were locked down and isolated and more than ever they were craving beautiful things for their homes to lift their spirits as well as wanting to send gifts to those they were unable to see.

While our online business has undoubtedly grown during Covid, the essence of our brand lies in the sensual experience of being inside a physical store. We knew lockdown couldn’t last for ever, so we have been busy working with talented architect Andrew Waller to create our largest and most luxurious space yet in Westfield Bondi Junction with soaring ceilings, a large scale chandelier and enormous windows.

We have also been busy preparing our new Westfield Eastgardens store opposite Woolworths as well as our new Mona Vale store on Bungan Street. When restrictions are lifted we believe that people will crave human interaction more than ever. We’ve really missed serving our customers face to face. We love assisting customers in person, helping them to style their homes or select a fragrance or an outfit. It’s a touchy feely brand and our team of warm and energetic Zjoosh women are central to that.

With Monday 11th being the big day, our teams have already been in stores preparing for their doors to open. There is so much newness to show you. We are polished, styled and ready to serve you. Come say hi! X Kell

  • Rebecca Taylor

Get Set - Go Green!

Green has strong associations with nature. Think lush green grass and tranquil forests.

Other common associations with the colour green are money, luck and good health.  Some researchers think our positive association with green is "hard-wired" in our brains as early humans knew that green in nature indicated a place where food, water, and shelter could be found.

We love green not only in fashion and accessories, but also in home décor. Research has shown that people's creativity is likely to increase when they are surrounded by green plants and have access to green views of nature. Makes sense right!

We’ve created a little green edit here in celebration of all our new green arrivals. On your marks. Get set. Go Green.

While we are on the subject of green, let's talk about Australian green and gold!

Our niece Tara Rigney is pictured here wearing our new Isla Shirt. It looks so gorgeous on her, but honestly, everything does!

Our family enjoyed one of the most exhilarating experiences of our lives in lockdown as we watched 22 year old Tara row for Australia in the Women’s Double Scull in the Tokyo Olympics. Tara is daughter to Kim and Dame (Co-owners of Zjoosh).  She is a NSW Institute of Sport scholarship holder,  studying a Bachelor of Commerce at Sydney University all whilst maintaining an intense training schedule. Still, she made time for her proud aunty for a little Zjoosh modelling 😊.

Beautiful inside and out! Proud of you T! Bring on Paris 2024! X Kell

  • Rebecca Taylor