Create Your Own Interior Jungle

While freshly cut flowers make a beautiful addition to any living space, indoor plants are often a more cost effective and equally attractive choice. What’s more is there’s no smelly water to change nor the inevitable sorrowful sight of wilting blooms.

It’s unusual to get more than a week or 2 out of a fresh floral bouquet, but with a bit of luck a potted Orchid or Peace Lily can really be the gift that keeps on giving for years to come.

I love the appearance of glossy green foliage, not to mention the promise of new orchid buds, but in addition to the visual benefits of beautiful foliage, there is much written about the positive psychological effects of keeping indoor plants.

Plants are known to reduce stress, and for me this is real. I really enjoy tending to and nurturing something so that it remains alive and healthy. Watering and feeding plants can be quite therapeutic as it provides a real sense of purpose, not to mention the huge reward when new shoots or buds appear! Tending to the plants is part of my day. A slow almost meditative activity best enjoyed with a cup of tea in my hand before anyone else wakes up.

Studies have actually shown that indoor plants improve mood, productivity, creativity and concentration. Not only that, houseplants remove toxins from the air and regulate humidity. Hospital patients with plants in their rooms, or who look out to gardens have been shown to recover more quickly, so the gift of a plant to someone who is feeling sad or not well is a really thoughtful gesture.

At Zjoosh our ceramic, rattan and marble vessels make perfect holders for your living houseplant friends. Group plants together on trays to create your own interior jungle. Not everyone has time to tend to an outdoor garden, but a natural indoor sanctuary on a smaller scale is really quite manageable. By grouping plants together, watering schedules are much easier to keep track of.

House plants turn a room into an actual living space by breathing real life into a home. They signify that someone takes the trouble to care for things. That this is an important place people actually enjoy living in.

By Kellie Rigney - Founder & Creative Director of ZJOOSH

  • Rebecca Taylor

Create timeless, elegant interior spaces with marble

Marble has been used in art and architecture since ancient times. It's smooth, beautiful, strong and every piece is unique. Marble in timeless, classic and incredibly versatile. No matter what your decorating style, marble works beautifully. Being a natural material, marble can work in the "earthiest" homes as well as more natural settings.

Marble is an interior decorating chameleon. Pair with black and gold and it becomes incredibly sophisticated and “high end” looking. Place it alongside soft pink peonies and Mongolian lambskin cushions and it appears warm, soft and inviting.

Our marble accent pieces work beautifully with both pale timber, mid-toned and darker woods. Often used for counter tops in kitchens and bathrooms, marble is right at home in either of these locations. Use our marble trays to contain pretty perfume bottles and cosmetics or hand soap and hand lotion in the kitchen.You will see we have sized these to accommodate these items perfectly.

 By Kellie Rigney - Founder & Creative Director of ZJOOSH

  • Rebecca Taylor

Handbags Which Work Over Time - Guitar Strap Cool

One of our favourite trends happening right now is handbags with “guitar straps”. We dipped our toe in these waters last season with our navy Baby Ruby with her chain and PU strap, plus cool bonus navy and white webbing guitar strap. She sold out in 2 weeks and you told us how you wished the larger version also had a guitar strap. 

As you know, our brand is based on a “neighbourhood” model. Our customers visit us on average fortnightly and often weekly. Our Zjoosh Women really do communicate with customers and listen to their feedback on all sorts of ideas they’d love to see in our stores and, in lots of cases, their wish is our command! It’s a collaborative approach which has been working for us and our customers for many years and so, on that basis, the Ruby Sports Cross Body Bag with her effortlessly cool interchangeable webbing guitar strap was born!

Casting aside your classic strap for a wide striped webbing guitar strap has the same effect as switching out your heels for some cool leather sneakers. Suddenly you feel more casual and comfortable and, well, a little bit more rock ‘n roll.

We’ve also applied this popular cool sporty vibe to our gorgeous Rebecca Tote which borrows the same striking, striped webbing accent from the Ruby Sports Cross Body. You will fit absolutely everything from a laptop, books, or gym gear into this girl. With her secure zipper closure, the Rebecca Tote will carry everything you need from A to B safely and stylishly.

By Kellie Rigney - Founder & Creative Director of ZJOOSH


  • Rebecca Taylor

Exam Gift Packs

We’ve been in exam mode in our house for what seems like months, and with trials looming for our eldest daughter there’s some serious study time yet to come. As much as we know that exam results don’t “define the person”, there is no doubt pressure on these kids to do their absolute best and that means the work must be done.

Our Zjoosh team is filled with Mums who have navigated the ups and downs of home life during exam time, so together we’ve workshopped some ideas to help take the heat out of exam stress in your family.

A little exam survival care pack is the perfect way to show your care and support during this stressful time for the student in your life. So what to include in your care pack?

Lavender is known to be uplifting, as well as soothing and helpful for reducing stress, anxiety, and insomnia- things which we commonly associate with exam time. Include one of our room sprays or pillow sprays to add a calming fragrance to your student’s bedroom or study area. The room will not only be beautifully fragrant, but the natural antiseptic properties of lavender will help to keep colds at bay.

Candles can add a warm and calming glow during periods of stress. The concept of sitting at a desk for hours on end will seem so much more appealing with a flickering candle emanating a beautiful fragrance. Choose from any of our Glasshouse, Palm Beach, Circa Home or Oleria candles to make your student’s study space more inviting.

One thing for sure is that warm comfy clothes are an absolute must for effective study. Our wool cashmere Gwyneth Hoodie is the perfect study buddy for your stressed out student. Wearing this piece feels like a warm reassuring hug. Add to this a beautiful Italian wool throw blanket to cuddle up in whilst re-reading those wretched novels and poems.

A coffee or hot chocolate can be a great way to punctuate those seemingly inexorable hours of study stretching ahead, and when served with a thoughtful message, even better! Our beautiful fine bone china mugs bearing meaningful positive affirmations can provide that extra encouragement to keep on going when the going gets tough. “You’ve Got This” or “You are Amazing” might be just the words she needs to hear right now. Add to this a bar of Zjoosh Belgian chocolate and you’ll be sure to hit the sweet spot.

Our warm and friendly staff will wrap your study care pack beautifully. Unexpected gifts are always so special. To show thoughtfulness and love at an otherwise fraught time will be doubtlessly truly appreciated.  

By Kellie Rigney - Founder & Creative Director of ZJOOSH

  • Rebecca Taylor

Blankets and Throws - The Gift That Just Keep Giving

Over 22 years ago we opened our wedding gifts and we received no less than 5 woollen blankets! I remember we laughed wondering what on earth we would do with them all? In reality they have become items which have moved with us across the globe through our married life, keeping our family warm and cosy year after year.

They’ve been placed on the ends of children’s beds, kept in cars as picnic rugs, used outdoors to beat the evening chill of Autumn BBQs and slung over the backs of sofas for what seems like forever.

We were recently invited to a very special wedding, and the gift we chose for them was a beautiful blanket. An everyday item they would enjoy forever and actually use together time after time. Something so luxurious, they may not think to buy for themselves. A romantic, yet practical gift.

With our love for the warm cosiness of time spent indoors during the colder months, we began our mission to find the most beautiful blankets in the world for our customers. We discovered a family owned factory in Milan, a place known worldwide for excellence in textile production. This factory has been making woollen blankets for more than 60 years in accordance with time honoured methods using the finest materials.  We selected yarns and patterns especially for Zjoosh and the result is the softest blankets in a beautiful palette which we know you will love forever.

Whether slung on your sofa, at the end of your bed, or folded on a chair, a throw blanket is a staple that strikes the perfect balance between intentional decorating and effortless cosiness to make your down time more beautiful.


  • Rebecca Taylor

Staying In Is the New Going Out - The Art of Luxurious Lounging

There’s a movement afoot and we’re a part of it. “Staying in” is officially the new “Going Out”! Its hard to believe how we’ve changed over the years from being as desperate to “get out” as we now are to “stay in”.

When our children were little, we had a standing order with our babysitter every single weekend. Regardless of whether we had something planned, we would get dressed up and head out the door at 5 on the dot every Saturday.

Deborah would pull up in the driveway ready to play UNO. The kids absolutely adored her and she adored them. We’d walk out the front door and we were free for a few hours. Grown-ups again with time to talk without being interrupted. We were in Chicago and it felt like the centre of the world. Glamorous, vibrant, and always fun. 

As our kids have grown (now almost all adults), we have almost completely subconsciously become home bodies. Life is somewhat less intense and the idea of just being at home with the family is actually my idea of the perfect way to spend my time. Staying in is for us, definitely the new going out! A roaring fire, candles burning, a board of delicious soft cheeses, olives and artisanal crackers and of course a great Barossa Shiraz and a new Netflix series comprise the perfect ingredients for a beautiful night in.   

If we’re lucky enough the kids will join us, at least for a little while before they head out, and quite often on their way back in when we get to hear all the ins and outs of their night on the town.

With our newfound love of the great indoors, we’ve focussed our efforts at Zjoosh this season on ways to make your home so inviting that you too will happily resist the allure of moving beyond your living room this winter.

From our beautiful cashmere and wool loungewear to our exquisite collection of scented candles and our beautiful blankets woven in Italy, we’ve turned staying warm and cosy into an artform we hope you will enjoy as much as we do.

  • Rebecca Taylor