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Dressing is The Ultimate Form of Self Expression

(Bec from @ilovethatskirt)


It is a crucial aspect of non-verbal communication which has social significance for the audience. Dressing includes such things as jewellery, handbags, hats and glasses and conveys clues about our personality. 

There are some women who instinctively understand what suits their body shape, colouring and the message they want to project through their outfit, while others struggle daily with their wardrobe choices and can be unsure as to how to “put things together” to create a look which they feel truly comfortable with.

(Hayley Little from @mumlittleloves)


A fairly recent phenomenon in the world of fashion is the role “influencers” can play in helping women to style their look confidently. The beautiful thing is that there is now a huge online community of women empowering each other to try new looks.

Far from being untouchable celebrities, these women are the real deal. They often speak to us from their own homes and give us the tools to unlock our personal style and head out the door feeling great. Best of all many of these influencers inspire body confidence in women no matter what their size. In a world where fashion models are often 6 feet tall and a size 6, seeing fashion worn with confidence by real women aged in their 30s, 40s, 50s and beyond can be so inspiring to so many of us.

(Nikki Parkinson from @stylingyou)


See here some of our favourite influencers wearing ZJOOSH and follow them for style inspiration. You can also follow the #everydaystyle hashtag which will connect you with other fabulous women who promote confidence in fashion women of all shapes, ages and ethnic backgrounds. X Kell

  • Rebecca Taylor

Etched Glassware

Our ZJOOSH etched glassware is made form environmentally friendly lead free Crystalite glass. We discovered this factory many years ago in Europe and were so impressed to find that they were the only one of its kind in the Czech Republic and the second one in Europe to use titanium glass in beverage glass production. These beautiful articles have all the beauty and superior qualities of Czech crystal such as amazing light refraction,  but the added titanium ensures a far greater durability. These glasses can also be washed in the dishwasher without any risk of turning milky grey. They are abrasion resistant, shatter resistant, chip resistant, smooth to touch and the stems are super strong.  

A new addition to our etched glassware collection is the Coupe. With cocktails making a HUGE comeback, we decided that a glamorous cocktail glass made perfect sense for the Zjoosh woman. These gorgeous “Gatsby” style glasses are the perfect receptacle for Margaritas, Martinis, Daiquiris or Cosmopolitans. Are you thirsty yet?  


All our etched glasses are sold either in sets of 2 or sets of 6. The smart navy blue boxes make these sets a beautiful gift for the person who really appreciates beautiful things. Setting a table with beautiful glassware, or even enjoying a glass of your favourite wine at the end of a long day is all the more enjoyable when the glasses are as beautiful as these.

Kell X

  • Rebecca Taylor

Mother and Daughter Photoshoot

If you have shopped at Zjoosh over the years, you will more than likely have met Manon (pictured here on the left with her daughter Georgia).

Manon joined our Zjoosh family almost 10 years ago now, and together with Cass Wilson manages the operations of our stores. She very reluctantly agreed to model for us along with Georgia, which made for a super fun and easy day and some gorgeous, natural images.

This strange and stressful past year has taught us that our customers like to understand the people behind our brand. Our working style at Zjoosh is very collaborative, so it makes sense for us to introduce the people who provide so much input into the products we create and the service we provide.

The Dutch/Italian Zanarini family have lived in 9 countries over their lifetime, and have gathered a myriad of experiences and inspiration along the way.

Manon’s passion for beautiful interiors, fashion and people ensures she brings to Zjoosh a huge amount of energy and love for what she does. How lucky are we!

The shoot took place at the home of my friend @jensuecal in Cammeray. It helped that there were so many different little spots around and about which are perfect for photos.

Stay tuned for loads of new fashion just landed. We’re pretty excited to show you more!

Kell X

  • Rebecca Taylor

Quintessence - How it began

We hope you love our Endless Summer window by our Northbridge manager @susanamoradopaz . This store on Sydney’s lower north shore  is still called Quintessence as it was named by its previous talented owner, Julie Quinn. 
When we decided to purchase the Quintessence business, we had just started developing our own accessories brand called Zjoosh.  Quintessence was the perfect place for us to steadily develop our own identity within a beautiful and established store which was known and loved by its customers. The challenge was to retain those loyal customers and continue to provide the things they loved, while at the same time grow something of our own. 
Steadily we developed the Zjoosh brand and the Quintessence store gradually, over time became a reflection of us . We opened new Zjoosh stores in various locations, but even though the assortment of Quintessence under our ownership has always been identical to our other stores, we never quite got around to changing her name. 
You may have noticed that the old girl is beginning to show her age a little. She needs a bit of Love, and so a new counter, proper fitting rooms, new lighting, a beautiful dedicated Zjoosh beauty bar and some signature Zjoosh joinery are all in order. 
The talented @andrewwallerdesign (the man behind all our fit outs as well as this original Quintessence fitout) has masterfully created the perfect adaptation of this already beautiful (if a little tired) space to become a beautiful Zjoosh store. 
Stay tuned for progress reports. We have our ducks in a row and the joinery is already being crafted off site, so it shouldn’t take too long. 
We can’t wait to show you our new Zjooshed version!
X Kell
  • Rebecca Taylor

What The Teacher wears

Who was your favourite teacher when you were little? Mine was Mrs Hamer, my year 1 teacher at Our Lady Of Good Counsel, Forestville. She was smart and kind and so so pretty. I loved everything about her, especially her her cool headscarf’s, long flowing skirts and her bangles 😍 It was the 70s after all. She was in her early 20s and to me, she was everything.

Like it or not, our clothing choices are central to our personal brand. How we choose to present to those around us, whether our friends, work colleagues or students. Research shows it takes between a 10th of a second and 7 seconds for others to make an impression of you, which is hardly long enough for someone to truly get to know you. Choosing the right clothing can be a really helpful way to control what others are experiencing and seeing when they interact with you.

Alex of @whattheteacherwears is a stylist and blogger - A teacher who is masterful at putting together chic, simple, everyday outfits to make you feel stylish and fabulous between the hours of 9 and 5.

X Kell

  • Rebecca Taylor

Human Green Shoes

One of the most welcome trends of this century would have to be wearing sneakers with just about everything. The humble sneaker has been elevated beyond the gym floor and on to the runways. Once the preserve of baggy jeaned tourists, the sneaker is now a wardrobe essential for just about everyone.

The beauty of the sneaker trend is its infinite versatility; wear them with midi dresses, tailored pants or simply go for the jeans-and-a-tee approach.

If you’re like me, a box fresh fresh pair of white leather sneakers is pretty thrilling. This season even more so following our recent partnership with Human Shoes who have come up with these recycled leather beauties.

I popped on a pair this morning and I can firmly say they are the lightest and most comfortable shoes I’ve ever worn.

These quality recycled leather sneakers are next-generation sustainable fashion. The upper is manufactured from scrap leather and inside the canvas lining is an organic vegan canvas. The inner soles are 100% recycled foam. Even the packaging is recycled.

Human Shoes is a local Sydney company that has been manufacturing shoes for over 30 years. Remarkably the leather is really soft. Together with a thick sole, this makes them super comfortable and incredibly light to wear. They are made with Australian lasts ensuring the correct sizing.

To keep clean, just wipe over. Just slip them on and I guarantee you will fall in love with the way they feel. Built with great support in the sole, they are perfect for a day out shopping or when you are on your feet all day. Team with dresses, skirts, pants or jeans. Their versatility is limitless. Furthermore, they’re great for traveling when there is lots of walking on your agenda. The sneaker trend is not going anywhere so it is worth it to invest in a quality shoe that will last you for many years to come.

Shop all stores or online to see what all the fuss is about. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed.

Kell X

  • Rebecca Taylor