10 Gifts Your Girlfriend Actually Wants to Receive

10 Gifts Your Girlfriend Actually Wants to Receive


by: Kellie Rigney


The best gifts for girlfriends are thoughtful, sweet, and make her feel like you truly get her. Easier said than done! It can be a minefield to navigate price points, expectations, and practicality versus luxury. Luckily, we’ve figured out the top ten gifts she wants but will never ask for, so that you can cancel those mind-reading classes you signed up for. Now all you have to do is find a card (don’t worry, we’ve got you covered there too).


The sweetest gift you can get your sweetheart is one that doesn’t cost very much but comes straight from the heart. Gather up all your favourite pictures and put them together in a thoughtful photo album with cute little captions. Bonus points if you can scrounge up some old movie tickets or a handwritten note.

If you don’t have time for an entire album (or your relationship is relatively new), you can get away with a picture or two in beautiful photo frames that she can keep around her apartment. You’ll still get the credit for a thoughtful gift, but it’ll take you a fraction of the time. After all, a picture says 1000 words!

2. Bath Accessories

Give your boo the gift of relaxation with a bath care package and put a night off in her busy schedule for a relaxing me-time. With an adorable care package, she’ll be all too happy to oblige. Fill up a lovely basket with lovely items like a beautiful floral scented bubble bath, fun bath bar fizzers shaped like chocolate bars, body wash and lotions, and some decadent hand cream. Top the whole thing off with little accessories like gorgeous hand towels and a scented candle to transport her anywhere from Paris to the beach. Warning: this gift may cause excessive relaxation and happiness.

3. Sunglasses

Sunglasses are a fantastic gift idea for girlfriends to ensure she is set in terms of both fashion and protection for her peepers. Too often, us ladies tend to buy cheap sunglasses, because we’re afraid of losing or breaking expensive ones. But we secretly envy the girls that boldly wear high-quality, stylish sunglasses; make your loved one squeal with delight with a pair of insanely cute and trendy sunglasses that make her look as posh as Victoria Beckham. 

4. Plush Robe

Give her the gift of comfort and luxury, with our incredibly soft and warm plush robes. Just add slippers and breakfast in bed and create a little staycation at home.

5. Stationary

For some reason, us girls can’t get enough of pretty, new stationery and writing accessories. It’s an addiction. The first crack of a brand-spanking new journal sends shivers down our spine and having a matching pen might just send us over the edge. On that note, give your lady friend a gift she inherently craves by putting together a stationery pack that will make her squeal with joy. Throw in a beautiful spiral notebook, a long lasting pen (a pack of colourful pens will make her eyes go wide), a box of precious notecards, and even a framed quote to hang above her desk. You may just win boyfriend of the year with these thoughtful gifts for your girlfriend. 

6. Jewellery

While some might think jewellery as a gift is a bit cliché, we believe it’s a classic. It’s a great gift for girlfriends that have everything or are difficult to buy for, because quality jewellery makes us all feel gooey inside (even if we won’t admit it). The trick is nailing her personal style because there’s nothing worse than investing in a piece that she’ll never wear. Look at the jewellery she wears most, and see if she prefers bangles, necklaces, earrings, or rings, and then the colour and style. After that, it’s just a matter of picking and choosing!

7. Cosmetic Case

Makeup is another thing we can’t get enough of, and it makes a fun gift because we get to experiment with new products. Grab a cute cosmetics bag, and fill it with different makeup products and fragrances (including this heavenly Hyacinth pocket-sized hand cream) that she’ll love to play with.

8. Handbag

As well as sunglasses, ladies love high-quality, luxe handbags, but we hate investing in them ourselves. Instead, we end up buying cheaper knockoffs that end up needing to be replaced every year or so. End this fruitless cycle by gifting her with a stunning handbag that she’ll adore, and that will last her years. Add on a matching wallet, and she’ll be bragging about you to all her friends. Score!

9. Blanket

If your girlfriend is always chilly, give her the gift of warmth (for when you’re not there to snuggle, of course). Luxurious blankets and throws are always welcome gifts for girlfriend, especially since they’re an indulgence we rarely buy for ourselves. This pink Mohair throw is as soft as a baby’s bottom and gorgeous to boot. Pair it with a couple of super cute cushions to match, and every time she cosies up on the couch, she’ll think of you. 

10. Mug

Mugs are a classic gift idea and for good reason. They’re practical but fun, and there’s nothing like sipping out of a great mug and being reminded of the person who gave it to you. This “You Are Beautiful” mug in gold and pink will get you serious brownie points, especially if you fill it with some fancy tea and biscotti. If you want to take it to the next level, get her this stunning marble-edged tray and fill it with tea-time essentials!

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