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10 Unique Wedding Gifts

10 Unique Wedding Gifts


by: Kellie Rigney

Wedding present ideas are getting so stale that nowadays, most couples are requesting to receive cash gifts instead. Gone are the days of picking out beautiful items to furnish and decorate a couple’s first home; instead, it’s all about monstrous mixers and hardy towel sets now. But no more! This list is fighting the good fight by bringing back the joy into giving wedding gifts.

You don’t have to spend a fortune to give something meaningful, but this list of unique wedding gifts sure will mean something to the lucky couple.

Wine Accessories

After a whirlwind year of planning a wedding, executing said wedding, and then jetting off on a honeymoon that was probably spent simply catching up on a year of lost sleep, it will finally be wine time. What better way to encourage and support this relaxing activity than with fabulous wine accessories, like this fantastic silver wine cooler that will make them feel like they’re celebrating at an ultra-luxe hotel? Plus, this footed cooler is both functional and decorative.

Framed Art Work

People love framed artwork and prints; there’s something so cultured and sophisticated about seeing something you picked out hung on your wall for all to see. Unfortunately, most people simply can’t justify the expense, so it makes for an excellent wedding present idea. Give the newlyweds the gift of art with this chic print by Ella Munro.


You might think furniture as a wedding present is nuts, but hear me out. We’re not talking an entire living room set complete with side tables and TV stands, but simply a luxurious, glamorous, stunning armchair that no one would ever indulge in for themselves. Why not give the couple-to-be a chair that people will fight over to sit in? A chair that just screams “I cost a pretty penny, but I’m so, so worth it”. This Langham velvet chair in elegant grey is that chair.

Something Cosy

There’s simply nothing better than snuggling up with your loved one, and this woven wool throw will change the snuggling game forever. Made from pure Australian merino wool (the best wool money can buy), these elegant throws are lightweight and equally perfect for snuggling in hot and cold weather. Now that’s a gift a couple would love to share.

 Bubble Bath
Weddings are stressful. Brides turn into Bridezillas; grooms get cold feet, then warm feet, then cold feet again. Give the couple the gift of divine relaxation with this exquisitely scented hyacinth and honey Lollia Calm bubble bath, and they’ll be eternally grateful.

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