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12 Gifts to have on hand this Christmas (under $40)

12 Gifts to have on hand this Christmas (under $40)

As Christmas lights twinkle throughout your neighbourhood, an old friend suddenly drops by with a lovely bottle of wine. You smile and feel a cold chill runs down your spine. Your mind spins as you try to think of something – anything – you can pass off as a Christmas gift in return. If this scene sounds familiar, you’re not alone. It happens more often than you think.

And let's be honest, there will be occasions when you need a small, thoughtful gift on hand. Whether it’s something for an old friend, your child’s teacher, or the new partner of a relative — gift-giving opportunities are sure to arise. 

Because we never want you to feel the panic of being empty-handed again, we have put together a sampling of gifts under $40.


1. Candles and Diffusers

Did you know that of the five senses, the sense of smell is most closely related to memory? The fact that anything you smell immediately links to the hippocampus and amygdala explains why certain scents may trigger detailed memories and emotions. 

So when you gift someone with a candle or diffuser, you offer them so much more — the opportunity to remember or feel something that might be precious to them and the chance to associate a new fragrance with this wonderful time of the year. 

Our selection of candles and diffusers are as beautiful to look at as they are to smell. They’re hand-chosen, and above all, memorable.

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2. Bath Products and Creams

There's no denying that it's a busy world and one of the best parts of the day is coming home, taking a hot bath, and slipping into your favourite comfy clothes. Anyone would be thrilled to receive a Christmas gift with after-work comfort in mind.

Our bath bombsfragrant pillow mists, and decadent, nourishing hand and body creams are inexpensive but luxurious gifts to have on hand. They are especially good for that gift-recipient who tends to put the needs of others before her own. 

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3. Jewellery Pieces 

What's better than surprising someone special with a uniquely-designed piece of jewellery or a sweet jewelllery pot? For the jewellery lover(s) in your life, the answer is a resounding "nothing!"

Jewellery pieces are timeless so every time they slip on those earrings or slide on those bangles, they’ll most likely remember you and your kindness. When you think about it, jewellery is truly a gift that keeps giving. 

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4. Mama Mia Coin Purse

When does a coin purse become more than just any ordinary coin purse? When it’s our Mama Mia Coin Purse – a stunning piece made of vegan leather!

Mama Mia has room for coins, an iPhone, your lippies, and your credit cards. It comes in a variety of gorgeous colours and is accented with gold hardware for a one-of-a-kind look. We see this as a gift that is both beautiful and practical.

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5. Compact Mirrors

When it comes to combining a gift with a message, we're infatuated with these compact mirrors (and believe you will be too). Etched with messages like, "Hello Gorgeous," "You are Amazing," and "You are Beautiful," this gift is small but mighty.

Every woman needs a great compact, and truth be told, every human needs to be reminded how valuable they are. There’s no better way to be inspired than through these positive messages on your handy compact mirror.

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6. Decorative Key Rings

You know what's fun? A key ring that looks nothing like any key ring you've ever seen. The fact that these lovely gems come complete with a gold clip means that the recipient can attach one to her purse. In our eyes, that classifies these beauties as wearable art. 

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7. Art Series Matches

These art series matches are pure magic and perfect for a quick, last minute gift. Saison matches come in a reusable – and beautiful – cardboard box (boxes they are sure to refill when the time comes). They're such a unique gift especially when paired with a beautiful candle. 

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8. Mint Pastilles

Sometimes the best things in life are often the little things. Take our small container of Anis de Flavigny Pastilles. Created in a tiny village in Burgandy, France, these organic pastilles release their decadent flavouring as they roll around on your tongue. Place this delectable treat into a gorgeous gift bag, add some tissue paper and voila! You get the perfect thoughtful gift. 

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9. Fragrant Room Sprays

We're not bragging here, but our room sprays are genuinely a cut above. They consist of lovely spray bottles filled with remarkable, unforgettable scents. Perfect for your home or office, these room spray fragrances will linger for hours. 

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10. Coasters

Do you know what the Parthenon in Athens, Coliseum in Rome, White House in the U.S., and Taj Mahal in India all have in common? Every single one of them was built with marble.

Our stunning marble coasters add timeless beauty wherever they are used. In fact, they bring to mind the great architecture in history and will be a gift you're proud to present. 

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11. Trays, Platters, and Bowls

Given the many ways traysplatters, and bowls can be used, they make for the ideal gift. Especially perfect during this time of lunches, dinner parties and the always present board of cheeses! Our trays have multiple uses in the home – store the bathroom soaps, hold jewellery, present food or just neatly contain clutter. Our collection of trays, platters and bowls are so beautiful they are sure to spark a bout of creative inspiration. 

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12. Cheese Knife

Do you know a young adult just getting started out in life or someone who loves nothing more than entertaining friends? Our delightfully unusual cheese knives  are keepers — the kind of gift you’ll  want to have around forever simply because they are so stunning to have and use at the same time!

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The Zjoosh Under $40 Christmas Gift Collection

Our under $40 Christmas gift collection is full of unique as well as classic gift ideas — they are sure to be the kind of gifts that reflect your own sense of style and grace while helping you stand out and be remembered.

It doesn’t take much to be thoughtful this holiday season. Stock up for the next time a friend unexpectedly drops by or when you suddenly remember you haven't picked up anything yet for your  new sister-in-law. With Zjoosh, we have various gift selections to choose from — you’re bound to find just the right one.

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