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5 Spring Jewellery Trends to Zjoosh Your Look

5 Spring Jewellery Trends to Zjoosh Your Look

Jewellery trends like pearls and layers of fine jewellery are timeless styles that fit in with just about any season, but it's always fun to follow seasonal trends or try something new.

Spring means more colour in the environment around you, so your wardrobe and accessories should follow suit. This gives you the opportunity to experiment with bold colours, textures, and shapes that may have seemed a bit over-the-top or simply intimidating in the winter.

Zjooshing your jewellery for spring seems especially appropriate considering the different kinds of fun activities spring is known for: hosting dinner parties, outdoor barbeques, holiday celebrations, rooftop bars, and the list goes on.

Whatever you like to do in the springtime, try to live more boldly by jumping on the top five 2018 spring jewellery trends.



Tassels are a fun jewellery trend that experiments with texture and movement. They're lightweight, yet playful, and they come in a full range of eye-catching colours. Tassel earrings are a great choice for rocking short hair or an updo, and making a statement since they create a look reminiscent of a 1930s flapper girl. Pair a long tassel necklace with a classic tank or t-shirt to instantly upgrade your look or pop on a pair of tassel earrings to transform your workwear to a chic evening look.

Tassel jewellery can range from casual Boho-chic to elegant luxury looks, but one thing that always remains consistent is this classy style. These Navy Crystal Tassel Earrings feature crystal beads to catch your eye and silky tassels that perfectly complement an elegant gown, while our Crystal Fan Earrings come in a unique shape and can be paired with a button-up blouse for a more vibrant look at the office.


Tortoise Shell Resin

Animal prints can be a fun statement, but if you're looking for a more refined, subtle, and elegant look, tortoise shell resin is an excellent jewellery trend that captures the dynamic quality of leopard and cheetah prints without appearing cheap or tawdry. If you wear glasses, tortoise shell resin frames are great to have around to add a little Zjoosh to an all-black ensemble, while tortoise shell resin statement earrings or the narrow Tortoise Shell Cuff adds a nice touch to any brunch outfit. Tortoise shell jewellery can be paired with a relaxed linen sundress, perfect for a trip to the beach, or even a classic button-up shirt and pencil skirt combo for a stylish work look. This type of jewellery is a great staple to any wardrobe and is appropriate for all occasions.



Bold Beads

The bold beads that have arrived at Zjoosh are exquisite works of art. They are true statement pieces that should be carried in your handbag this spring for those times you have to transform your look in seconds. They embody pure happiness and are great for birthday parties, baby showers, and sunny garden events.

These bold beads also speak of pure joy and happiness and can be great statement pieces to express yourself with explosive colours and shapes. A Spring kimono can complement these beautiful Fuchsia Waterfall Earrings, giving your look a fun sophisticated feel. If you're going with bold beaded earrings, opt for an updo or any hairstyle that pins your hair back away from your face to highlight your earrings and allow them to dazzle and sparkle.

These lovely, baby blue Santa Monica Earrings feature a classic hoop design with a subtle sparkle that is perfect for the pastel trend this season.




Nothing complements the spring feeling that celebrates new life and vibrancy quite like the sparkle of crystal-embellished jewellery. A classic pair of Fuchsia Crystal Earrings with turquoise accents are the perfect look for sundowners that turn into a late night dinner, while some Jewel Statement Earrings adds some class for a lovely spring wedding. Crystal-embellished jewellery makes a statement on its own, so it's ideal for a bold monochromatic look that just needs a little something extra. T-shirts and jeans can be turned into an elegant look just by adding crystal-embellished jewellery, a blazer, and leather loafers.


If you've ever wanted to elongate your neck or enhance your décolletage, opt for long contemporary lines of jewellery that are both flattering and edgy. A low-cut top paired with a classic elongated crystal tie necklace adds another dimension to your look. If you're wearing an off-the-shoulder or strapless top to a birthday or gala dinner, elongated earrings can make your neck appear longer, more elegant, and feminine. Elongated necklaces can enhance the décolletage, which is why these statement pieces are best saved for nights of elegance and opulence.


Transform Your Wardrobe with These 5 Spring Jewellery Trends

Spring is all about new beginnings and a fresh start so why not try something new and exciting with your wardrobe?

New jewellery pieces can transform your entire wardrobe and have you ready for the Spring outings to come. You can also stay up to date with the latest trends in jewels by subscribing to Zjoosh for the most updated information about the latest trends for every season.

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