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8 Unique Gift Ideas for Someone who has Everything

8 Unique Gift Ideas for Someone who has Everything


by: Kellie Rigney

Some people just have it all. And buying them a present that they will actually like can be a nightmare. So what do you get the person who “has everything”? You buy them something they wouldn’t think to purchase for themselves. The best part is, you won’t have to spend a small fortune, as long as it’s thoughtful.

This list of eight small gift ideas will get you a genuine smile from the recipient, and the satisfying knowledge that you still managed to surprise them.

1. Everyone loves candles—you simply can’t have enough! This Glasshouse Rendez-Vous candle is a stylish addition to any room and smells divine thanks to the amber and orchid scents. It makes for an excellent gift because you’re giving them the gift of sublime relaxation.

2. Key Ring
No one would ever think to buy themselves a key ring, but they truly are handy. They help you find your keys in the disaster that is your purse by weighing them down, and they add a stylish touch to an otherwise boring old set of keys. Plus, they can even be used to decorate your purse for extra flare. This black and gold Bonnie tassel key ring is stylish and useful, making for a perfect small gift that will surprise and delight any gal!

3. Eye Mask
Give the priceless gift of sweet, sweet sleep with the added benefit of reduced under eye circles, with this lovely blue silk eye mask made of 100% Mulberry silk. Your special someone will feel like a princess when they sleep with this eye mask. Add a cute silk pillowcase to the package to sweeten the deal.

4. PJs - There is no such thing as having too many PJs. In the era of Netflix and chill, having quality PJs is an absolute staple. This Pretty Dot PJ set is adorable and comfy, with sweet pink and white polka dots and 100% cotton fabric. Gift this PJ set, and they might never take them off. Totally not your fault, though.

5. Writing Accessories
I don’t think there’s a person in the world who doesn’t love the feel of a fresh, new notebook and fully inked pen. There’s something so organised, so productive, so adult about it that people buy notebook after notebook (even though we all use our Macbooks for literally everything). This A5 notebook is so sweet with black and white stripes and a glittering gold heart that it will inspire anyone to start writing—even if it’s just a grocery list.

6. Jewellery Box
This jewellery box is everything. It’s perfect as a small gift idea for the person who doesn’t need anything because you don’t know you need it until you see it. This jewellery box is useful and stylish, with its simple black lacquered exterior and small keyhole. It’s excellent for storing accessories, of course, but looks just as great on a coffee table or a side table in the hall to store small items like extra keys, cards, matches, and spare change. Plus, the smooth pink felt inside looks and feels so luxurious, you can’t possibly go wrong with this gift!

7. Wallet

Most people don’t bother buying themselves a new wallet. They use the current ones they have until it’s ragged and falling apart. It’s hard to see how much you truly need a new place to store your money and cards until you get one. Help open their eyes with this gorgeous Morgan wallet in grey that will totally change their wallet game. It’s chic and simple with minimalistic design, so it suits everyone’s style.

8. Gift Certificate
You probably think that a particular person already has everything, but surely they’re pining after something. Take the mystery out of gift giving, and let them get exactly what they want with a gift certificate to their favourite online shop. They’ll be over the moon to buy something non-practical for themselves for once and not have to pretend to like another present that they won’t ever use.

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