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Fresh, white Phalaenopsis orchids are always my first choice for my home. I have them in every space which receives light. I love the challenge of keeping them alive as well and I find it so satisfying when they flower. Sadly at the moment there is not a single bloom amongst them despite my diligent care and attention. Hard to work out when this time last year there were buds bursting on every stem. Temperamental to say the least 😬

If, like me, you are frustrated by orchids which are less than cooperative, we recommend adding to your collection one or two of the faux variety. We’ve recently received a collection of various sized potted arrangements that could fool even the most astute gardener and will provide an instant burst of life to your living space. I like to imagine that my lazy plants, now in the company of these impressive lifelike flowers, will be inspired to burst back into action.

Perfect for holiday homes and spaces in your home which don’t receive much natural light, our faux orchids will brighten up bathrooms, guest rooms and dark hallways. Requiring no maintenance, you will be grateful for all they have to give without asking for a single thing.
Pop into stores to explore our range of sizes and shapes most suited to your needs.

By Kellie Rigney - Founder & Creative Director of ZJOOSH

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