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And So To Bed

And So To Bed


by: Kellie Rigney

As the temperature is dropping a little at night, I find myself a little more inclined to slope off to bed a little bit earlier. From a little girl I have regarded my bedroom as my own private sanctuary. A place away from the goings on of the day. Somewhere all of my own to rest and recharge for the next day. As such I have always opted for a softer palette. Soothing and easy on the eye. White always and pale grey at a push. Lamps are a must. Everything feels calmer and more atmospheric by lamplight. In terms of bedding, super high thread count sheets are important. At least 500,  but higher if possible. I recently purchased some 700 thread count sheets in the USA and believe me, you can feel the difference. Our pure cotton Ivana quilts are perfect for this time of year. Exquisitely embroidered with our signature peony. They are truly gorgeous. Even the boys in our family have one!

I love the saying “make the bed and make the bedroom”. There is something hugely satisfying about pulling up beautiful covers and leaving the room in a perfectly put back together state. And what’s better than the sight of a fresh tidy bedroom upon your return home. It’s such a small thing, but really uplifting. Makes me feel as though things are somewhat in order, even if we are madly paddling beneath the surface.

A scented candle in a soft fragrance which won’t overpower is always a nice luxury. I love Posy by Palm Beach or Oahu by Glasshouse. Both are subtle and feminine and the gentle glow of flickering candlelight at bedtime is really soothing. Silk pillow slips are a must in our home. We’ve all become addicted to the cooler feeling of sleeping on silk. Easier on your blow dry and no more facial creases in the morning. While I cannot deny that a juicy good book is the perfect bedtime companion, I  will confess to a largish tv in the bedroom. For those winter evenings when the house is filled with the rumbling excitement of several codes of football, I love nothing more than to escape to my boudoir and indulge in whichever series I happen to be obsessed with at the time. A cup of tea and some extra dark chocolate add to the idea of completely spoiling myself.

Shop ZJOOSH for endless bedtime accoutrement, from beautiful nighties to candles, bedding and pillows to create your own private sanctuary away where you can leave the stresses of your busy day behind.

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