Baby Boom - What to Give When They're Expecting

Baby Boom - What to Give When They're Expecting


Zjoosh founder, Kellie Rigney, on what you can expect from Zjoosh when they’re expecting


I don’t know about you, but the arrival of a baby fills me with a lot of emotion. There’s something about the safe arrival of a new family member that makes one think a lot about the richness (and shortness) of life. If you are already a mum, you’re often instantly transported back to the most nerve-wracking but romantic of times. There’s a little part of all of us that wants to revisit those precious early days one more time and share in the celebration with the new mum and bub. For this reason we’ve put together a Zjoosh baby collection as a gifting gesture to show a friend or loved one that we appreciate the gravity of this event.

Personally speaking, when curating our Zjoosh baby collection I thought back on the births of my own four children and the gifts I received. I truly appreciated some because they were so beautiful and meaningful, while others I came to use over and over and so became the gifts which kept on giving.


Baby Book
I still love pulling out the baby books I compiled for my children, and they absolutely love looking through them too. It’s a physical journey back in time, and, while it’s a cliche to say that ‘time flies’, it’s been 18 years since the birth of my first baby and it truly is just as though time literally grew wings and flew away.

I remember the laundry being never ending and I always seemed to be reaching for freshly-washed wraps and swaddles. They’re so handy for feeding and burping and shielding the new baby from the sun or cold when we were outside. If there is one thing you can’t have too many of, its these. Of course, our collection is super gorgeous. 

Decorative Toys
Chances are the new family have purchased all the practical essentials, so a little bit of frivolous gorgeousness never goes astray. I love to indulge new mums and little ones with extraordinary gifts that they might not think to purchase for themselves. They’re also something to make the nursery look extra cute and special.

New Pyjamas
If ever there is a time when it is perfectly acceptable to remain in pyjamas all day, it’s during those first days  after the birth of a baby. Our Zjoosh PJs are so gorgeous and practical for feeding. The new mum can be guaranteed to be receiving excited visitors (strictly during visiting hours, of course!), so a beautiful set of luxurious Zjoosh pyjamas makes a very thoughtful gift.

Hand Cream
We like to remind our customers that it’s not possible to pour from an empty cup, and so while the new baby is being showered with love and attention, it’s also very important that mum is reminded to care for herself. A beautiful hand cream or bubble bath is a reminder for mum to take a moment to pamper herself during what is doubtlessly the busiest time of her life.

A special piece of elegant and well-made Sybella jewellery, whether it’s a ring, bracelet or simple pair of earrings for the new mum to wear on the couple’s first celebration dinner, is an especially thoughtful gift. It’s something to keep as a
memento of this truly amazing occasion.

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