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Beautiful things need not be reserved for special occasions...


Once you have slept in or on silk there really is no turning back. When developing our Zjoosh Silk Collection, we learnt that the higher the momme (the measure of density of silk) the better the quality of the silk. With 22 momme being the absolute best quality available, we decided that this quality would be the Zjoosh standard.

Being smooth, soft and light, silk reduces the likelihood of your skin being itchy or dry by morning. Silk is perfect if you have delicate, sensitive or easily irritated skin. Over time, our Zjoosh silk products have become synonymous with self-care and the idea that beautiful things need not be reserved for special occasions. Every opportunity to rest and sleep is to be cherished and maximized so that we are ready to give the best of ourselves the next day.

Our beautiful Zjoosh Silk Slips are amongst our perennial best sellers (alongside our silk pillowcases and eye masks). Not only are our Silk Slips a simply beautiful gift for someone you love, increasingly our customers are purchasing these items as a “gift to self”. Self-care has become a priority for women who know their worth. No more putting ourselves at the bottom of the pile. We’ve come to accept the truth that you simply cannot pour from an empty cup.

By Kellie Rigney - Founder & Creative Director of ZJOOSH

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