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Beautifully and Comfortable Balanced Luxe


Much has been written about what we will wear when we’re free again. Some predict a roaring 20’s style return to indulgence, think an amazing dress or a tuxedo with heels. Will we repent for our months of tracksuit sins by only wearing sequins? Others firmly believe that from now on, any outfit will need to ensure we can move stylishly through any day, whether working or relaxing. Basically if an outfit isn’t comfortable we won’t be interested.

Spending parts of the last year has made a lot of people question their lifestyle, their identity and now their wardrobe. It’s time to be honest about the kinds of things you do with your life and making sure your wardrobe supports those things. 

This sounds just fine to me. The casualisation of my wardrobe was definitely in play well before lockdown and I do love a pair of sneakers with a gorgeous dress!

With many of us now working from home, popping out for a brisk walk with the dog and the kids (or completely alone) is a strict requirement if we want to stay sane. For those of us who love clothes, lycra all day is way too depressing, and popping on a dress or a great breathable cotton shirt with an excellent pair of jeans and a brightly coloured cashmere scarf for a little warmth can provide the ultimate mood lift. Our Zjoosh plimsoles and recycled leather Human Sneakers are the perfect bolt on to every single item in our collection from dresses through to our coated jeans. Let’s call it “Balanced Luxe”. So wearable, so comfortable, but with an element of timeless luxury which will make you feel so good. Balanced Luxe! I love it! X Kell

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  • Rebecca Taylor