Better by Candlelight - Keeping the Flame Alive


Lighting is such an important part of every interior. I’ve often felt a burning urge to dim the lights in a restaurant. You know the ones, amazing food, but stone cold atmosphere and all because the lights are just way to bright! Busy lives mean we long for quiet relaxing spaces to rejuvenate and spend quality time in. There are few better feelings than coming home at the end of the day, cosying up in your favourite chair with a cup of tea (or a glass of wine) underneath the warm light of a beautiful table lamp.

Switching on a lamp creates an instantly calm and warm atmosphere whether the lamp is on your hall table, side table or by your bed. For me, reading in bed in freshly laundered pyjamas by lamplight before 10pm is the new rock ‘n roll!

We have a huge selection of beautiful ceramic lamps in all stores and online which will work perfectly with almost any interior space.  

Rarely an evening goes by when I don’t light a candle, whether it be a scented candle in the hallway or unscented pillar candles in hurricane vases on the dining room table . It’s an easy way to make the table feel “set” so that even a simple meal of spaghetti bolognaise becomes a little more special.

Hurricane lighting is a simple, affordable and effective way to create ambience and romance without interrupting clean decorating lines. Our hurricane vases are handmade in Poland from beautiful durable glass using time honoured techniques which have changed very little over the last 200 years. I own several of them in various heights and styles and they would all be amongst the most often used items in our home. I love to place them either side of the front door to welcome guests, over the fireplace, on the coffee table or even in the bathroom when it’s time for a luxuriously long, hot bath.

When not being used for candlelight, our glass hurricanes can be used to great effect as vases for long stems and branches . Recently I used hurricane vases to create very large and impactful arrangements for a wedding. Their heavy bases made them perfect for oversized floral displays preventing them from toppling over.

Our hurricanes make perfect wedding or engagement gifts as their simple elegance means they work with absolutely any decorating style indoors or outdoors. You can guarantee they will be used time and again over many years both during celebratory occasions and ordinary evenings which will become more beautiful and romantic with the strike of a match.  

By Kellie Rigney - Founder & Creative Director of ZJOOSH

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