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Blankets and Throws - The Gift That Just Keep Giving


Over 22 years ago we opened our wedding gifts and we received no less than 5 woollen blankets! I remember we laughed wondering what on earth we would do with them all? In reality they have become items which have moved with us across the globe through our married life, keeping our family warm and cosy year after year.

They’ve been placed on the ends of children’s beds, kept in cars as picnic rugs, used outdoors to beat the evening chill of Autumn BBQs and slung over the backs of sofas for what seems like forever.

We were recently invited to a very special wedding, and the gift we chose for them was a beautiful blanket. An everyday item they would enjoy forever and actually use together time after time. Something so luxurious, they may not think to buy for themselves. A romantic, yet practical gift.

With our love for the warm cosiness of time spent indoors during the colder months, we began our mission to find the most beautiful blankets in the world for our customers. We discovered a family owned factory in Milan, a place known worldwide for excellence in textile production. This factory has been making woollen blankets for more than 60 years in accordance with time honoured methods using the finest materials.  We selected yarns and patterns especially for Zjoosh and the result is the softest blankets in a beautiful palette which we know you will love forever.

Whether slung on your sofa, at the end of your bed, or folded on a chair, a throw blanket is a staple that strikes the perfect balance between intentional decorating and effortless cosiness to make your down time more beautiful.


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  • Rebecca Taylor