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Breakfast With Sarah Jessica Parker and Your Girl's Weekend Essentials


A fun breakfast last week with Sarah Jessica Parker and 2000 other Sydney women was inspirational on so many levels. Not only an actress but also a producer and a designer, Sarah kept us highly engaged and amused for well over an hour. At times I found myself confusing the actress herself with the most famous character she played. She did quip at one point “well, for starters, we look alike”. I have a deep fondness for the character Carrie Bradshaw who had kept me company over the years while my babies napped and I folded mountains of laundry in front of the TV.

Episode after episode, I was often moved by the strength of the female friendships between the four fabulous women who would relish their Friday night cocktails, shopping trips, and who can forget their incredible vacations together?! That image of 4 fun friends heading out of Manhattan with the roof down for a weekend by the sea. Girls only of course.

Many episodes served to remind me of the importance of holding on to those friendships despite the pressures and time constraints of family life.  And, like many women, a weekend away with my besties has come to be the ultimate in soul food.

With this in mind, we’ve curated a super fun collection of essentials for your next girl’s weekend away. Think delicious long lunches and afternoons on the beach relaxing and recharging and catching up on laughs.

By Kellie Rigney - Founder & Creative Director of ZJOOSH 

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