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Candle with Care - Glasshouse Founder Nicole Eckels Speaks to Zjoosh

Candle with Care - Glasshouse Founder Nicole Eckels Speaks to Zjoosh


by: Kellie Rigney
“Glasshouse is a brand you can be proud of. It’s made in Australia and it is truly the finest in terms of the performance of the product and the quality of the scents.”
– Nicole Eckels –


Zjoosh: Nicole, tell us your inspiration behind the elegant Glasshouse candles? What kind of effect are you hoping Zjoosh customers will take from your unique creations?

NE: My inspiration is New York City. I love how the Holiday Season transforms the city both visually and emotionally. It’s all about lights, camera, action… parties, decorating, dressing to impress and finding the perfect gift. I imagined this collection to be over-the-top glamorous and to really show this idea of dressing (home and yourself) to the nines.

Zjoosh: What are your earliest memories of smell from when you were a child? What are some of the scents and fragrances you remember most strongly from childhood?

NE: I have always had a sort of “hyper” olfactory. I clearly remember lots of scents (as I speak it’s like I am smelling them now): the fresh scent of a newly-mowed lawn; the metallic, slightly fishy scent of the ocean; my neighbour’s enormous lilac bush that would waft into our yard; and the exotic scent of the first whiff of a passionfruit. My Mum is the sort of person who never seems to have a natural odour, but when she was preparing to go out on the town she would disappear into her room to get dressed and always emerge smelling of sweet perfume. This idea that one could transform into a person that looks and smells, but most importantly FEELS, powerful and gorgeous has always been the driving force behind my work. 

Zjoosh: Where do you source a lot of the ingredients for Glasshouse candles from?

NE: When you create bath and body products and candles the principles are the same as cooking. If you cook with the best quality ingredients you will get the most delicious results. Our fragrances and raw materials are sourced from all over the globe based on where the best materials come from. We don’t take the easy way out. Our fragrances are from Grasse, France, and New York. We only work with established and reputable suppliers to ensure that they are sourcing sustainably and ethically

Zjoosh: Should we burn each of the Xmas Collection scents in every room of the house, or are some scents more suited, say to the living room, and others for the bedroom or bathroom?

NE: The entire Christmas collection is designed to use in all the shared spaces of your home: the living room, dining room, entrance, bathroom, family room etc. Christmas Cheer works particularly well as an alfresco scent. The scents themselves are harmonious, so they can all be burning at the same time. 

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Zjoosh: Why does the Glasshouse candle range make the perfect Xmas gift?

NE: Fragrance is such a deeply emotive and pleasurable thing. It’s simple, it’s affordable, and the person receiving the gift will always appreciate the indulgence. Glasshouse is a brand you can be proud of. It’s made in Australia and it is truly the finest in terms of the performance of the product and the quality of the scents.

Zjoosh: You are an American that has been living in Australia for over a decade. How different are the everyday natural scents we have in Australia, such as trees and flowers, than back home in America? Are they two different worlds?

NE: New York is ‘smellier’, I think. NYC itself has the obvious unnatural scents such as congestion scents (petrol, smoke, sewer, rubber etc.), but if you take a short drive out of Manhattan, it’s a very plant-like green and floral-scented state. Sydney has its moments, like the stunning heady scent of jasmine hedges in bloom, but NYC seems to smell all the time.

Zjoosh: Lastly, is it true you can never have enough scented candles in the house?

NE: You are asking someone VERY biased, so of course I will say ‘NO’. You can never have enough Glasshouse!

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