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This Charming and exotic decorating style has been around for centuries.  Being the French word for “Chinese-esque”, it is really the European interpretation on Asian influences dating back to the 17th and 18th centuries, when traders returned from their travels.

Chinoiserie decor adds a sense of history and travel to a room and our new ceramics just arrived provide endless options to enhance your living spaces from your bathrooms to your bedrooms.  For impact, group a collection of jars and vases together on a table.

Our Decorative and utilitarian, Garden stools can go absolutely anywhere in your home. Our Customers use them in their outdoor spaces, bathrooms, bedrooms or living rooms. They pose the perfect resting place for potted orchids or a stack of pretty books.

Our umbrella stands are always incredibly popular. One for the front door and one for the back door is a good idea in any home. They can also double in bathrooms to hold spare toilet rolls where there is no cupboard space.

Shop our stores for all manner or little dishes and trays suitable to hold jewellery of keys or to just sit there and look pretty. Move them about your home as the whim takes you to add new energy to tired or forgotten spaces. X Kell

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  • Rebecca Taylor