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Finding the Perfect Christmas Gifts for Teachers

Finding the Perfect Christmas Gifts for Teachers

Teachers spend approximately 1,600 hours with your children every school year. Teachers are omnipresent in the lives of their students. They’re the one adult (outside the family) who is likely to leave a lasting impression upon your children so showing how much you appreciate them through thoughtful gifts makes them feel valued for all their hard work and patience throughout the year.

It can be a challenge to think of the perfect present on the spot, so we thought we'd help out.

Here are some of our favourite gift ideas for this year.


Candle or Diffuser

Science shows that candles can be soothing to the senses. The soft candlelight glow has a way of making you feel relaxed so you can let go of all that worry and stress. As scented candles melt, it releases an aroma that triggers the part of the brain associated with memory, which explains why you tend to reminisce memories from the past. Although our diffusers don’t provide the hypnotic benefits of candlelight, they do speak to the part of us that stores memories and emotions. They can also serve as stunning decorative additions to any room. 


Creature Comforts

Who doesn’t enjoy bath bombs, scented soaps, and hand creams? The truth is, we all love a little pampering but don’t always spend the money on it ourselves. Everyone deserves a beautiful set of bath bombs to turn that tub into a spa, soaps that smell a little like heaven, and hand creams that make her feel as though she’s just had a warm hand massage.


Lavender Pillow Mist

What better way to give teachers the gift of relaxation than our lavender pillow mist so they can rest peacefully at night and sleep faster.  Help them forget their worries at night in a much needed peaceful night of sleep surrounded by the relaxing scent of lavender.

For reasons not quite understood, lavender is believed to aid in relaxation and to relieve stress. Ancient Persian, Greek, and Roman cultures believed that lavender purified the body and mind. This lightly-scented mist may not actually purify anything, but it will help that special teacher get the rest she so richly deserves.



Journaling is a great way to organise thoughts and emotions, and make sense of our busy life. The gift of a journal for your child’s teacher is a thoughtful way to let them know that their thoughts matter and that you appreciate all they do.


Tea Cup and Saucer

We’re not quite sure why tea tastes better when sipped from a beautiful tea cup. We’re also not sure why the saucer adds such a sense of pomp, but it does. There are a couple of ways you might present our tea cup and saucer. Fill it with delectable chocolates and wrap it with a bow or add a beautiful blend of tea to the gift bag. Either way, your child’s teacher is sure to love it.


Book of Inspirational Quotes

We all need a little inspiration from time to time. Inspirational quotes take us outside ourselves and help us gain new perspective. This book serves two purposes. It shares the musings of Alice Pleasance and includes pages for the teacher to write her own plan for making the impossible possible. The hard cover glitter notebook with gold foil end papers and spine is as gorgeous as it practical.


Treats with a Bit of Glamour

Why not fill one of our stunning bowls with homemade chocolates or cookies? They will not only enjoy the treat but will be left with a spectacular bowl as a reminder of your thoughtfulness. 


Distinctive Coin Purse or Clutch

While teachers spend most of their lives in the classroom, the truth is, they have lives outside too. Like us, they go to movies, out for cocktails, and on exciting holidays. Help them look their best with one of our coin purses or clutches. Available in a multitude of colours to help you find the best shade and the right fit. Our unique keychains are also perfect for clipping to a purse or book bag.



There is timeless elegance in a pair of pearl earrings or scarf . Or, if you'd rather branch out and find something totally unique, you simply cannot go wrong with a lovely piece of jewellery. Wrap your gift in a box that has been personally decorated by your child and you've got the perfect gift. 


What About Male Teachers?

Where delighted you asked! 10 percent of primary education teachers in Australia are male and they deserve to be recognised too. Some gift ideas on our list such as the diffuser, hand cream, journal, or a bowl filled with goodies can be ideal for anyone. Still, we thought you'd like a few more ideas that a man might enjoy. 

  • Leather Wallet. Men often carry their wallets until they're worn through. A new one is sure to be appreciated.
  • Twisted Shoe Horn. Crafted from metal, this shoe horn is both practical and artistic. It's one of the most creative shoe horns we've ever run across. 
  • Original Finska Set. We're willing to bet that your child's teacher would love a game that allows him to strategise while showing off his skills. 

Life goes by in a blur and we seldom have the chance to tell those around us that they are appreciated. Find the right opportunity to show how much you appreciate your child’s teachers through thoughtful gifts that they’ll appreciate this Christmas season. 

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  • Amandine Saille