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Colour On The Run


It is no secret that “pivoting” has become the survival mechanism for small business owners. For some this means applying their skill sets in new ways relevant to our current way of life. We absolutely love this good news story of gorgeous hairdresser  (and VIP Zjoosh customer) Kathryn Bell. Kathryn is a single mum of 3 boys with a passion for getting hair colour just right and is maybe my favourite “COVID Pivot” story. When her hairdressing business “Hair By Kathryn” in Willoughby was shut down, Kathryn faced the serious stress of uncertainty and helplessness,  not to mention the financial strain. Not one to sit idle, Kathryn spun on her heel, and with the help of her friend Sarah she hatched a plan to create easy to use home colouring kits for her clients who were desperate for some serious hair help. “Colour On the Run” was born and I am so into this whole story I absolutely had to share it. I happen to think it is completely genius and pretty inspiring. 

Kathryn is now busy and fulfilled, and most importantly she has an income. She is totally in the business of making women happy with her contactless delivery of hair joy across Sydney. You should see the before and after shots of her happy customers! You don’t need to have been an existing Hair By Kathryn client. Anyone can contact her with a photo of their hair situation and she will whip up the magic colour kit to turn your lockdown frown upside down. So there’s my Monday good news story as we head into another week of lockdown. We’re closer to the finish line, which may of course still move again, but we’re closer than yesterday and that’s worth celebrating. Follow @hairbykathrynwilloughby on Instagram and @Hair By Kathryn on Facebook to share in some pure hair joy!  X Kell

Kathryn is wearing a Zjoosh Short Sleeved Kell Shirt from last year. Love that!

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  • Rebecca Taylor