Create Your Own Interior Jungle


While freshly cut flowers make a beautiful addition to any living space, indoor plants are often a more cost effective and equally attractive choice. What’s more is there’s no smelly water to change nor the inevitable sorrowful sight of wilting blooms.

It’s unusual to get more than a week or 2 out of a fresh floral bouquet, but with a bit of luck a potted Orchid or Peace Lily can really be the gift that keeps on giving for years to come.

I love the appearance of glossy green foliage, not to mention the promise of new orchid buds, but in addition to the visual benefits of beautiful foliage, there is much written about the positive psychological effects of keeping indoor plants.

Plants are known to reduce stress, and for me this is real. I really enjoy tending to and nurturing something so that it remains alive and healthy. Watering and feeding plants can be quite therapeutic as it provides a real sense of purpose, not to mention the huge reward when new shoots or buds appear! Tending to the plants is part of my day. A slow almost meditative activity best enjoyed with a cup of tea in my hand before anyone else wakes up.

Studies have actually shown that indoor plants improve mood, productivity, creativity and concentration. Not only that, houseplants remove toxins from the air and regulate humidity. Hospital patients with plants in their rooms, or who look out to gardens have been shown to recover more quickly, so the gift of a plant to someone who is feeling sad or not well is a really thoughtful gesture.

At Zjoosh our ceramic, rattan and marble vessels make perfect holders for your living houseplant friends. Group plants together on trays to create your own interior jungle. Not everyone has time to tend to an outdoor garden, but a natural indoor sanctuary on a smaller scale is really quite manageable. By grouping plants together, watering schedules are much easier to keep track of.

House plants turn a room into an actual living space by breathing real life into a home. They signify that someone takes the trouble to care for things. That this is an important place people actually enjoy living in.

By Kellie Rigney - Founder & Creative Director of ZJOOSH

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