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Decorating with Fur

Decorating with Fur


by: Kellie Rigney

We like to think of cushions as “clothes for your sofa”. New cushions are an incredibly easy way to reinvigorate a living space. By introducing a new colour or texture you can instantly transform a tired or unloved space in minutes. Relegate the old ones to the kids tv room or for use on outdoor furniture and treat your special spaces to a fresh new look.


For me there is something about the cosiness of cushions that I absolutely love. They make a space feel more comfortable and inviting with the added practical element of giving you somewhere to rest your head during your Sunday afternoon nap. Whether your style is to pile them up for a super layered effect, or space sparingly in a more minimalist fashion, the choice is yours. There are no hard and fast rules to cushion placement, it’s all about how it feels for you. Mix and match and play about till you land on the perfect formation for your particular space.


Not being one for loud clanging prints, I prefer a soft palette that is easy on the eye. After a busy day I like to return home to a relaxing space that is somewhat neutral. The beautiful texture of Mongolian lambskin or goatskin cushions means the space is imbued with a calm and classic vibe but with a subtle contemporary edge at the same time. I like to mix colours and shapes, my favourite being the rectangular shape which can be placed in front of the more traditional square shapes.

In particular, fur makes a beautiful accent when combined with other fabrics. Place smaller fur cushions in front of larger velvet or linen cushions in a contrasting colour or add to a beautifully made bed to create an opulent boudoir feel. Use one of our small leopard cushions in a very traditional space to create an impact which is both beautiful and completely unexpected.


In addition to our cushion collection, our Mongolian lambskin fur and goatskin ottomans can tie your living room look together beautifully.  Use them as footrests or extra seating when the number of your guests exceeds the space on your sofa. I love to see 2 ottomans placed at the end of a bed or under a dressing table as the perfect place to perch while primping for a beautiful evening out.

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