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A Guide to Hosting Your Best Dinner Party Yet

A Guide to Hosting Your Best Dinner Party Yet

We look forward to the festive season to spend time with family and friends. It’s a season of lavish dinners and festive gatherings. However, if you’re the host of one of these events, you might have mixed feelings about this time of year. Hosting Christmas lunch or Christmas parties is a lot of work and can be stressful, especially when you want to create an unforgettable experience for your guests.

Small details can go a long way, whether it’s the perfect tablecloth, flowers, candle holders, music and other finishing touches. Making these decisions can seem difficult and overwhelming, and it can be easy to miss the mark. However, at Zjoosh, we have you covered. Our dinner party guide can assist you in planning the perfect gathering for family, friends, or co-workers.

Here are the essentials you should address and have under control before your party:


Enticing Appetizers

Appetizers are the perfect way to ease into the evening and give guests something to enjoy while waiting for the main course. Providing healthy options like vegetables, gourmet dips, almonds or other nuts can be satisfying without being too filling. However, no one can say no to cheese, caviar, or sashimi.

How you present your appetizers is a key dinner party consideration. Our range of platters and marble bowls can make any savory or salty snack look divine. We also have a range of cheese plates and cutlery sets for serving your appetizers, and our marble and brass cheese knife is the perfect addition to any grazing board.


An Unforgettable Main Course

As the main event of your dinner party, make sure to devote much of your planning resources to this course. Make decisions about the menu well ahead of time so that all the components and details can be taken care of. Make sure to also consider potential guest dietary restrictions as well.

The key elements of a successful main course include:

Ingredients and Preparation. Take care of all prep work well before your guests arrive.

Maximise Your Time. Make decisions about the dinner menu based on your available time as well as guest preferences. A dish cooked in the oven or barbeque is much easier to complete than something made on the stove top. An oven-cooked meal will allow you more time to entertain your guests whilst cooking.

Portions and Quantity. Always cook more food than you anticipate needing. There are very few worse faux pas at a dinner party than not having enough food for your guests.

Presentation. Balance meal presentation with the flexibility of allowing guests to choose what they wish to eat and decide on their own portion size. Optimise presentation in the serving containers while allowing guests to fill their own plates.  

Choice of Drinks

Flexibility and choices are also key when making decisions about beverages at your dinner party. Keep things simple but give your guests the option of what they would like to drink. Offer wine, champagne, beer and non-alcoholic options and allow guests to help themselves. Ensure that you have sufficient glasses for everyone and the proper glasses for the drinks that you will be serving.

Our Zjoosh honeycomb glassware range is unlike any other standard design currently on the market and is sure to be a conversation. We have beautiful, elegant options in champagne flutes and wine glasses to enhance guest enjoyment and accent your table setting perfectly.


The Essential Ice Bucket

In addition to beverage considerations and the ideal drink glasses for what you will be serving, have an ice bucket on hand so that your guests can easily help themselves to chilled beverages. We offer smaller more ornate options. For larger or more casual events, our larger tubs are perfect for larger outdoor events.


The Perfect Background Music

Great music is an ideal backdrop for your dinner party experience and conversations. Make your selections based upon the atmosphere and vibe you’d like to create for the evening.

Curate a playlist ahead of time. Music can help set the mood, so consider each album and song carefully. Put your playlist on a loop so that it is uninterrupted throughout the evening. Ensure that the volume is low or moderate so that guests can easily carry on conversations over it while still enjoying the acoustics.


Your Dinner Party Tablescape

Your tablescape is the main attraction and focal point of your dinner party. Take the time to make it memorable. Your table setting, along with the food, is the culmination of how much preparation went into the party. After the conversations and interactions they experienced, this is what guests will remember most about your event.

Selecting the perfect dinnerware and utensils is the foundation of the perfect table setting. After that, finding the best accents are key. The right tablecloth and napkins help set the stage. At Zjoosh, we offer several elegant options.

Use lighting and candles to adjust the ambiance and add in textures to build up the overall vibe of the table. Find the perfect candle holders in our premier collection, and don’t forget to add in a centrepiece. You could add a burst of fresh flowers in one or more of our classic, elegant vases to help anchor the décor and bring it all together.

Everyone’s Favourite Dessert

Having after dinner coffee, tea, and cake is the best way to conclude your evening. After all the drinks, appetizers, and a satisfying main course, some coffee, tea, and cake is a pleasant way to end your event.

Wrap up your dinner party décor solutions by serving after dinner tea in our classic and elegant Zjoosh Peony Teacup & Saucer Set. If you’ll be serving coffee, our white coffee mug embellished with gold details is the perfect finishing touch.

Bringing people you love together is a beautiful thing to do and preparing for a party doesn’t need to be stressful. It won't be if you have these key elements under control. Remember, the more prepared you are, the more you will be able to relax, have fun, and enjoy your company. 

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