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Etched Glassware


Our ZJOOSH etched glassware is made form environmentally friendly lead free Crystalite glass. We discovered this factory many years ago in Europe and were so impressed to find that they were the only one of its kind in the Czech Republic and the second one in Europe to use titanium glass in beverage glass production. These beautiful articles have all the beauty and superior qualities of Czech crystal such as amazing light refraction,  but the added titanium ensures a far greater durability. These glasses can also be washed in the dishwasher without any risk of turning milky grey. They are abrasion resistant, shatter resistant, chip resistant, smooth to touch and the stems are super strong.  

A new addition to our etched glassware collection is the Coupe. With cocktails making a HUGE comeback, we decided that a glamorous cocktail glass made perfect sense for the Zjoosh woman. These gorgeous “Gatsby” style glasses are the perfect receptacle for Margaritas, Martinis, Daiquiris or Cosmopolitans. Are you thirsty yet?  


All our etched glasses are sold either in sets of 2 or sets of 6. The smart navy blue boxes make these sets a beautiful gift for the person who really appreciates beautiful things. Setting a table with beautiful glassware, or even enjoying a glass of your favourite wine at the end of a long day is all the more enjoyable when the glasses are as beautiful as these.

Kell X

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  • Rebecca Taylor