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Exam Gift Packs


We’ve been in exam mode in our house for what seems like months, and with trials looming for our eldest daughter there’s some serious study time yet to come. As much as we know that exam results don’t “define the person”, there is no doubt pressure on these kids to do their absolute best and that means the work must be done.

Our Zjoosh team is filled with Mums who have navigated the ups and downs of home life during exam time, so together we’ve workshopped some ideas to help take the heat out of exam stress in your family.

A little exam survival care pack is the perfect way to show your care and support during this stressful time for the student in your life. So what to include in your care pack?

Lavender is known to be uplifting, as well as soothing and helpful for reducing stress, anxiety, and insomnia- things which we commonly associate with exam time. Include one of our room sprays or pillow sprays to add a calming fragrance to your student’s bedroom or study area. The room will not only be beautifully fragrant, but the natural antiseptic properties of lavender will help to keep colds at bay.

Candles can add a warm and calming glow during periods of stress. The concept of sitting at a desk for hours on end will seem so much more appealing with a flickering candle emanating a beautiful fragrance. Choose from any of our Glasshouse, Palm Beach, Circa Home or Oleria candles to make your student’s study space more inviting.

One thing for sure is that warm comfy clothes are an absolute must for effective study. Our wool cashmere Gwyneth Hoodie is the perfect study buddy for your stressed out student. Wearing this piece feels like a warm reassuring hug. Add to this a beautiful Italian wool throw blanket to cuddle up in whilst re-reading those wretched novels and poems.

A coffee or hot chocolate can be a great way to punctuate those seemingly inexorable hours of study stretching ahead, and when served with a thoughtful message, even better! Our beautiful fine bone china mugs bearing meaningful positive affirmations can provide that extra encouragement to keep on going when the going gets tough. “You’ve Got This” or “You are Amazing” might be just the words she needs to hear right now. Add to this a bar of Zjoosh Belgian chocolate and you’ll be sure to hit the sweet spot.

Our warm and friendly staff will wrap your study care pack beautifully. Unexpected gifts are always so special. To show thoughtfulness and love at an otherwise fraught time will be doubtlessly truly appreciated.  

By Kellie Rigney - Founder & Creative Director of ZJOOSH

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