Fashion, What is important when you buy trans-seasonal

Fashion, What is important when you buy trans-seasonal


by: Kellie Rigney

I am completely devoted to the idea of a strong capsule wardrobe which can be re-invented day after day with the addition of affordable accessories. For me this simplifies the decision making process at the start of the day when it comes to core pieces, but also allows me to accessorise creating new and different looks using the same base pieces. Add pearl earrings for a more corporate look, a silk scarf for a bit of colour, or hoops and stacks of bangles for a more relaxed boho vibe.

Super light pure cotton and linen fabrics are my go capsule items for summer, and cashmere and cashmere blends are my winter staples. Then there are the in-between days.  The weather is completely unpredictable. Pretty much anything goes. Too hot for knits, but the temperature is likely to drop without warning, so a light cotton dress is just not going to cut it.

I like to look finished and sharp, whether it’s for a work day or a lunch with the girls. Soft, comfortable fabrics are a must but I need them to really work for me because I’m on the go. Easy care is a top priority for me being a working mum who is up and down stairs from the office to the warehouse and in and out of the car non- stop. I need to be able to pop things in the washing machine and hang them up to dry, ready to go again tomorrow.

I love a new look, but I get very disheartened with “fast fashion” which loses its shape and shine after just one or two wears, so we’ve really tested our fabrics to ensure that they can withstand the treatment of  a real woman who “does stuff” and likes her clothes to last. Our Effortless Essentials is designed with just that in mind. Our fabrics fall beautifully and will take you to the very end of your day without crushing or creasing. Everything is incredibly comfortable with an easy elegance which makes you feel really “dressed” but which will move with you and see you land on the sofa at the end of your day still feeling put together.

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