Get ready for those Summer Days with Linen...

Get ready for those Summer Days with Linen...

Anyone who knows me well, will attest to the fact that from September through to March, I mostly wear linen. To me it always appears fresh, light and elegant. I am a capsule wardrobe wearer. I prefer to own few clothes, but I love what I wear and I wear the same thing over and over proudly. I love cashmere in winter for its softness and warmth, and pure linen is my go-to fabric choices in Summer for so many reasons.  I like clothes which age well which always leads me to beautiful linens. Linen is  2-3 times stronger than cotton.

Linen is cool and Sydney gets hot in Summer. I am up and down stairs, indoors and out and this light, comfortable fabric allows me to feel completely relaxed from day through to night. I spend a good amount of time each year in the much warmer climates of Queensland and Asia. A fabric which allows good airflow and doesn’t cling to my skin is really appealing to me.

I am incredibly sun conscious, so linen provides me with the best possible protection from UV rays whilst allowing air permeability keeping me 3-4 degrees cooler than other fabrics. To me, freshly pressed linen is a statement in and of itself. Clean, fresh, cool, crisp, tough, natural and beautiful.

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  • Rebecca Taylor