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Go For Gingham


Gingham has a sweet retro appeal, evoking memories of Judy Garland in the Wizard Of Oz and Brigitte Bardot’s famous wedding dress, but it’s also currently having a fashion moment!

We have some European team members who called me as soon as they unpacked these pieces declaring their refusal to call this fabric “gingham”. Instead they insist this sweet print is “Vichy” because it is thought to have been born in the Vichy’s region in central France. So Vichy it is! We love all things French! 🥂

Vichy is a strong motif that doubtlessly attracts attention. We think it looks best as the main element in your outfit. Wear with monochrome pieces or shades similar to the key colours of your Vichy, but Vichy should be the main event. X Kell.


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  • Rebecca Taylor