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Hear from Our Store Managers: The Products Everyone Is Loving Most Right Now

Hear from Our Store Managers: The Products Everyone Is Loving Most Right Now
From our bespoke display fixtures to our contemporary lighting, the ZJOOSH store is an experience in expertly handcrafted luxury. We have meticulously designed our ZJOOSH stores with clean lines, imported fixtures, and a layout that guides our customers on a journey through our carefully curated products.

“We try and cultivate a calm, relaxed and warm environment.“

— Emily, Store Manager at ZJOOSH Leichhardt.


From the moment our customers step into the ZJOOSH store, their day-to-day worries are left behind. At ZJOOSH, we pride ourselves on our environment, and our dedicated team is always happy and ready to help with picking out gifts.

We recently spoke to our store managers to find out the ZJOOSH gifts that our customers fell in love with. Our customers and managers have spoken: here are the top beautiful ZJOOSH products you can give someone (or yourself) on any occasion.

Zjooshing the Wardrobe

Across the 12 stores of ZJOOSH are high-quality, hand-selected wardrobe products, ranging from purses to apparel. When selecting an item for a friend or family member, wardrobe items really show that you understand their style and personality.

Our signature ‘Mama Mia Purse’

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“The Mama Mia purses are always popular amongst the young ones. Everyone loves them because of the great variety of colours and affordable price. You can’t ever be wrong with a Mama Mia.“

— Susana, Store Manager at ZJOOSH North Sydney.


Available in virtually every colour and multiple styles, the Mama Mia purse is the perfect everyday fashion accessory. With a large open pocket, iconic badge, and comfortable wrist strap, the Mama Mia purse is perfect for everything from a weekend brunch to a night out with friends. Choose an elegant satin finish for everyday use or a dramatic sequined finish for a bolder statement.

The elegant ‘Sophia Clutch’

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“The Sophia clutches were popular as gifts, given the excellent price point.“
— Karen, Store Manager at ZJOOSH Double Bay


At a price that’s hard to beat, the Sophia Clutch is an elegantly appointed, quilted, vegan leather clutch, which comes with both a crossbody strap and a wrist strap. Transition from day to night with the Sophia Clutch, which comes in an assortment of classy colours. From neutral beiges and blacks to soft pastels, the Sophia Clutch is a fashionable and utilitarian gift.

Perfect for Summer, our Pom Pom Lace Kaftan

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“The Pom Pom Lace Kaftan is a must-have for those lazy summer days. You can wear it over a cozzie. You can wear it whilst lazing around the pool or the house, with a pair of wedges or slides to a BBQ.“

— Karen, Store Manager at ZJOOSH Mosman


Give the gift of comfort. The Pom Pom Lace Kaftan is the perfect gift for those who need to take some time to relax. While it can be difficult to give apparel, this comfortable loose-fitting Kaftan is designed to be easy to fit, coming in a number of bright colours. The Pom Pom Lace Kaftan can be layered over other items or worn alone.

Linen Outfits

“The linen outfits don’t date. It’s comfortable, breathable and soft.“

— Emily, Store Manager at ZJOOSH Leichhardt


As linen is comfortable, high quality, and timeless, there are numerous linen outfits that are top favourites within the ZJOOSH stores. Among them are the Campanian linen dress, linen shirts, and linen pants.

At ZJOOSH, the linen selection has been specifically chosen to fit into virtually any wardrobe, providing everyday luxury for anyone’s sense of style. The Campanian linen dress is the perfect daily wear dress, while ZJOOSH’s linen shirts and pants provide easily matched separates.

Belinda Dress

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“The Belinda dress is so popular; everyone thinks it looks so original and smart.“

— Susana, Store Manager at ZJOOSH North Sydney.


With a unique cutout design and tassel trim headline, the Belinda dress is an incredible addition to any closet. Loose-fitting and comfortable, the Belinda dress is made from lightweight, breathable cotton.

Sleep well in our Sleepwear

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A popular gift for mums and in-laws, sleepwear is something that everyone needs. At ZJOOSH, the Tiana nightgown and cotton nightwear have proven to be the most popular of the ZJOOSH products. ZJOOSH prides itself on its natural, breathable fabrics, perfect for the Australian weather.

Nicole Skirt

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A sheer pink skirt with a lot of movement, the Nicole skirt is an iconic separate. Suitable for both daywear and nightwear, the Nicole skirt is a comfortable way to elevate any outfit. The Nicole skirt has a lot of personality, and when paired with different shirts, can be suitable to any environment. If you want something a little unique, choose the Nicole skirt.

Zjooshing the Wardrobe

Add the finishing touches to your dinner party with something from our wide inventory of elegant homewares. Looking for the perfect birthday or housewarming gift? Give someone something functional and fun.

Mirrored Tray

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“Our mirrored trays are always incredibly popular. They can be used in a bedroom to house perfumes and makeup. They are gorgeous on a coffee table or ottoman with books, candles, and fresh flowers displayed. They look amazing with a decanter and glassware housing your finest spirits.“

— Emily, Store Manager at ZJOOSH Leichhardt


A mirrored tray can be used in many locations throughout a home and fits into a variety of home decors. ZJOOSH carries multiple sizes and styles of mirrored tray, with a subtle and elegant border.

Honeycomb Glassware Range

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“Customers also loved the honeycomb glassware range as they are more practical and useful for outdoor entertainment.“

— Karen, Store Manager at ZJOOSH Double Bay


Stately, timeless, and durable, the honeycomb glassware range is perfect as a secondary set of glasses for outdoor entertaining. A versatile range of glassware, it contains everything from ice cream bowls to wine glasses.

Champagne Glasses

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Bestsellers at ZJOOSH Double Bay, champagne glasses are useful in every home. In addition to the honeycomb glassware champagne glasses, ZJOOSH also carries sophisticated, etched champagne flutes.

Pillow Cases

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Cooling and comfortable for those warm nights, silk pillow cases are a luxurious gift that many people won’t take the time to buy for themselves. Pillow cases are available in multiple attractive colours.

Ice Bucket

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An ice bucket is the perfect gift for someone who frequently enjoys champagnes and white wines. It’s the ideal houseware gift, as many people don’t think to purchase an ice bucket on their own.

Ceramic Stool

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Decorated with elegant cutouts, the white ceramic garden stool is the perfect accent piece for someone who takes pride in their outdoor patio space or their garden.

Umbrella Stand

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The ZJOOSH lattice umbrella stand is a stylish and functional gift that will remind a recipient of you every time it rains. Not only is this umbrella stand a necessity at home, it’s also visually pleasing in the entryway.


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A fantastic consumable gift, many people adore candles but seldom pick them out for themselves. Choose a colour and scent of candles that fits the personality of the person you’re giving it to.

Mother of Pearl Box

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Few materials have the depth and complexity of mother of pearl. An intricately designed mother of pearl box is the perfect place for people to keep perfumes, jewellery, and other small keepsakes.

Zjooshing the Lifestyle 

Treat your friends and family members with something comfortable, relaxing, and fun, with ZJOOSH’s lifestyle gifts.

Silk Eye Mask

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Extremely famous at the ZJOOSH Double Bay store, these silk eye masks are made with 100% mulberry silk. These eye masks make the perfect gifts for someone who wants some rest and relaxation.

Montana Travel Bag in Navy

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“This sold well for people travelling, both in the large and small.“

— Karen, Store Manager at ZJOOSH Double Bay


A heavy duty, durable travel bag in a deep, rich navy, the Montana travel bag is useful for any type of travel. It’s light and compact enough to be used as an overnight bag as well as large enough to be used as a carry-on.

Maine Beach Collection

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“This is ridiculously popular, especially as a gift to acquaintances. These products really sell themselves.“

— Emily, Store Manager at ZJOOSH Leichhardt


Maine Beach provides a large array of luxurious soap and lotion essentials, including body mousse, body wash, and hand and nail creme. These products are a great fit for anyone and come in different scents, such as rose, honey, coconut, and cinnamon.

Gift Wrapping

“Our customers say the paper we use is beautiful; the receiver of their gifts would be amazed by the way it is wrapped. They love it even more when they know we don’t charge extra for it.“

— Susana, Store Manager at ZJOOSH North Sydney


Gift wrapping adds a final level of care and customisation to each ZJOOSH gift purchased. A completely free additional service, gift wrapping puts that little extra thought into the gift that truly makes it special — and it’s part of what makes the ZJOOSH experience so unique from start to finish.


You’re Welcome

It’s our mission to make every customer feel welcome. We try to lighten your load where we can — whether it’s by helping you pick out the perfect gift, giving your our full attention or simply offering some positivity and encouragement.

Our ZJOOSH products have been carefully curated and arranged in a wide assortment that offers something for everyone. When a customer comes into our shops in search for the perfect gift, we treat it as though we are finding gifts for our friends and family members.

You can come visit any of our locations today to feel the ZJOOSH experience. We have locations throughout Sydney: Leichhardt, Lane Cove, Piccadilly, North Sydney, Quintessence Northbridge, Mosman, Bondi Junction, Rose Bay, Balgowlah, Belrose, Mona Vale, and Balmain. Find your ZJOOSH today.


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