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One of the most welcome trends of this century would have to be wearing sneakers with just about everything. The humble sneaker has been elevated beyond the gym floor and on to the runways. Once the preserve of baggy jeaned tourists, the sneaker is now a wardrobe essential for just about everyone.

The beauty of the sneaker trend is its infinite versatility; wear them with midi dresses, tailored pants or simply go for the jeans-and-a-tee approach.

If you’re like me, a box fresh fresh pair of white leather sneakers is pretty thrilling. This season even more so following our recent partnership with Human Shoes who have come up with these recycled leather beauties.

I popped on a pair this morning and I can firmly say they are the lightest and most comfortable shoes I’ve ever worn.

These quality recycled leather sneakers are next-generation sustainable fashion. The upper is manufactured from scrap leather and inside the canvas lining is an organic vegan canvas. The inner soles are 100% recycled foam. Even the packaging is recycled.

Human Shoes is a local Sydney company that has been manufacturing shoes for over 30 years. Remarkably the leather is really soft. Together with a thick sole, this makes them super comfortable and incredibly light to wear. They are made with Australian lasts ensuring the correct sizing.

To keep clean, just wipe over. Just slip them on and I guarantee you will fall in love with the way they feel. Built with great support in the sole, they are perfect for a day out shopping or when you are on your feet all day. Team with dresses, skirts, pants or jeans. Their versatility is limitless. Furthermore, they’re great for traveling when there is lots of walking on your agenda. The sneaker trend is not going anywhere so it is worth it to invest in a quality shoe that will last you for many years to come.

Shop all stores or online to see what all the fuss is about. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed.

Kell X

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