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Keeping It Local - Where Everybody Knows Your Name

Having spent many years in my 20s and 30s living in London and Bath, I developed a deep love for “shopping local”. When my kids were little, I liked to be able to pop them in the stroller and walk down to the local deli, grocer or chemist and purchase the things we needed to get us through the day. It was a way to punctuate the day. An activity to tire everyone out in time for an afternoon nap.
Being far from home and isolated from family and friends, seeing the familiar, friendly faces of the local shopkeepers in the village made me feel as though I was part of something. Our daily expeditions to little village shops in Larkhall are something I remember with great fondness. Turns out I was actually on to something without knowing it, because I was later to learn that “Happiness Studies” indicate that happy people are more likely to be connected to their neighbourhoods than unhappy people.
I’m not one for big soulless shopping centres. I actively avoid them. I hate the parking areas, the lifts, the escalators and all of that. I prefer my local IGA to a huge supermarket simply because I love to see the owner family so genuinely invested in their business. I admire the pride they take in the products they sell and I like it when they use my name and when I use theirs. So it stands to reason that our Zjoosh stores are almost always nestled snugly in local communities.
At Zjoosh we have always immersed ourselves in the fabric of the areas in which our stores are located. We proudly support local sporting clubs and schools simply because we know these clubs and schools are comprised of people in our neighbourhoods. These people are our customers and we truly value the communities in which we operate. Our Zjoosh women are locals who have, in lots of cases, worked with us for many years. They love working locally and serving people they have come to really know. Our relationships with our customers are real, long term and loyal.
With all the strangeness of Covid 19 and the changes in the way we are able to move about and interact, we have adapted our service style to ensure we are still a vital part of our local communities. The messages we have received from our customers clearly tell us that they are so happy our doors are open so that they can still obtain the little luxuries of life which make these times of isolation a little bit more enjoyable.
We would absolutely love for you to shop at your local ZJOOSH for your Mum this Mother’s Day. We have put a great deal of thought into our product range and we are ready to wrap your gifts! Our stores are clean and safe and we are also willing to arrange contactless delivery to you if you prefer. Our online store is always open for those who do not have a store in their neighbourhood. More than anything we really want to be here on the other side so that we can continue to make life more beautiful for you!
- Kell x

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