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La Vita e' Sybella - Sybella Jewellery

La Vita e' Sybella - Sybella Jewellery


by: Kellie Rigney

Have you ever wondered who is the ‘Sybella’ behind the elegant Sybella Jewellery brand? Read our exclusive interview with the Double Bay icon.


Zjoosh takes great pleasure introducing you to Sybella,
owner-founder of Sybella Jewellery.

Zjoosh: Sybella, what are your earliest memories of jewellery? When did you know that making jewellery was a passion that you had to follow as a career?

Sybella: My love for finery started when I was a young girl fascinated with my grandmother’s beautiful jewels. After studying the art of jewellery making and the craftsmanship involved during my mid 20s, the passion came alive after importing a brand from England which did extremely well in Australia. I realised that I had the capability to design my own jewellery, and thus in 1998 established and designed my first collection as Sybella Jewellery.

Zjoosh: How would you describe the ‘house style’ of Sybella jewellery? Is it classic, modern or otherwise?

Sybella: Sybella Jewellery encompasses the luxury, style and elegance of the modern-day woman through unique and classic designs. Sybella is a Greek name meaning prophetess, and using this as the vision for my brand I’ve aimed to create every design with that idea in mind. The ‘Sybella-esque’ woman (a term we’ve coined with our customers) has the opportunity to express herself through a stylish product that is affordable without compromising on quality.

Zjoosh: Is jewellery subjected to trends like fashion?

Sybella: Of course. Styles within jewellery are subject to change depending on materials, colours and style – that is the appeal surrounding beautiful jewellery. However, with that in mind I’ve always aimed to produce the finest 925 sterling silver & rose/yellow gold plated pieces combining classic cubic zirconia, freshwater pearl, & quartz throughout the collection to ensure that every collection offers contemporary designs with wide appeal to both women and the wider fashion industry.

Zjoosh: What are some of your favourite pieces stocked by Zjoosh?

Sybella: Our favourite pieces are definitely the micro pave range. Zjoosh customers are always asking for our signature 925 sterling silver, rhodium plate emerald cut ring as well a fine silver tennis bracelet to match.

Zjoosh: You and your family have lived in and around Double Bay for years. Could you share with us some of your favourite local spots?

Sybella: I love treating myself to a spray tan and pampering session at the Bronzing Boutique, and I’m off to my favourite spot for a morning coffee at Indigo Café. You might even catch me there at lunch, too!

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