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Lady of the House - Gifts for the Hostess with the Mostess

Lady of the House - Gifts for the Hostess with the Mostess


by: Kellie Rigney

“Be pretty if you can. Be witty if you must. But be gracious if it kills you.” – Elsie De Wolfe

I personally love to host dinners and parties. However, I can’t deny that there is a lot that goes into making an event really special. Hosting takes time and energy, but there is something so lovely about being invited into a person’s home, isn’t there? Bringing a bottle or two of wine to a dinner party goes without saying, but, as one of my icons, the elegant New York decorator of the early 20th century, Elsie De Wolfe, says, “Be gracious if it kills you.”

Bringing a small gift for the hostess really says, “I appreciate the effort you have gone to”. I love to give the host a nice candle or hand soap, but more recently I’ve opted for something a little more enduring. We have these gorgeous marble-handled cheese knives, spreaders and small platters that make a perfect thoughtful gift for someone who has gone to the trouble to host a party or event. You could also give the hostess with the mostess a pair of gorgeous hand towels, a room diffuser, candle or salad servers.

The most important thing is you’ve repaid the host’s graciousness with your own thoughtfulness. As Elsie De Wolfe said, “I am going to make everything around me beautiful”, and that includes the way you treat the special people in your life.

Kellie Rigney, Zjoosh founder

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