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Lockdown Birthdays - Celebrate In Style


This weekend we will celebrate a family member’s birthday and there WILL be a fuss or our lives won’t be worth living! We love birthdays in our house, and there is no way lockdown will get in the way of the fanfare, even though there will be just us. 

Sunday cocktails and lunch at our favourite restaurant will be off the cards, so we will rise to the challenge of making lunch at home just as special. 

If we can’t go to the Roosevelt, then we will bring that 20s New York vibe to our very own living room. We will begin with cocktails by the fire served in our new Roosevelt Glassware. We’ll serve delicious appetisers and use our vintage cocktail equipment all by candlelight of course. 

We’ll break out the freshly ironed table linen along with our Verona cutlery and serving spoons. We’ll serve slow cooked lamb with all our favourite accompaniments. Our cut glass Roosevelt tumblers, highballs and sweet little butter dishes will refract light all around the room and cake will be served in our gorgeous new dessert bowls.

How will you make lockdown special? Explore our collection of gorgeous ingredients to make celebrations at home really beautiful. X Kell.

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  • Rebecca Taylor