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Mi Casa, My Style

Mi Casa, My Style


by: Kellie Rigney

I’m a big believer that your furniture, and even more importantly the way you finesse it, sets the tone for your home. Beautifully styled pieces reflect your personality and convey an unspoken language of elegance and taste. An artfully decorated corner can transform a nice room to a beautiful one – the home embellishment version of adding icing to the cake.

mirrored deskmirrored buffet 2

It doesn’t have to be super-sized styling, either. In most cases less is more. It could be a case of taking a simple hall table and adding a gorgeous lamp, some photo frames and a temple jar filled with some foliage from the garden. A scented candle is always the perfect addition to your little story.


A large proportion of our furniture is mirrored, which, when styled with other glossy bits and pieces, can inject some Hollywood glamour into your home or boudoir. Mirrored furniture goes with all décor styles from traditional and classic to edgy and modern.


Either way, I say choose the very best furniture your budget can afford. After all, besides jewellery, furniture is one of the few ‘forever’ pieces that can be handed down generations.


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