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Mind Your Manors - Downton Abbey Your Home

Mind Your Manors - Downton Abbey Your Home


by: Kellie Rigney

I love Downton Abbey so much that I’ve seen every episode of every season twice. I really do miss the characters, but more than anything I miss the opulent styling of the rooms. Aren’t they wonderful?


From the formal parlours to the bedrooms, the beautiful rugs, elaborate candelabra, elegant silks, satins and velvets… the attention to detail is just impeccable. However, we can all ‘Downton Abbey’ our homes, it just takes a discerning touch. Furniture should be in streamlined and contoured, and presented in single pieces rather than as part of matching groups; large geometric rugs work best in circular shapes as a centrepiece to a room; colour schemes can work from a palette including black, white, chrome and silver; accessories should not be plentiful, but consist of some beautiful items used for everyday tasks, such as gorgeous crystal glassware, candelabra and, if you want full authenticity, snuffers to extinguish candle flames. With that in mind, here is an edit I’ve put together to help you decorate your own, inspiring Downton Abbey domain.



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