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Mother's Day Memories


I remember being a primary school student and absolutely loving the lead up to Mother’s day. My mum and her friends were the “crafty mums” and our living room would be overtaken with all kinds of materials to create “homemade” gifts that children could purchase at the annual School Mother’s Day Stall. The whole house would be fragrant with the smells of lavender and soap ready to make sachets and soap swans . Our home would be a hive of activity as women gathered around over cups of tea, busily crocheting tea cosies, sewing sachets and assembling other “crafty” creations with hot glue guns ready for the big day.

The church hall was transformed into a fabulous girly boutique, festooned in pink crepe paper. The kids would line up in their class groups with their money in hand ready to purchase something special for their mums and grandmas.


All over the world, the sentiment behind Mother’s Day is the same. “We love you Mum!”, “Thank you!”, “You are the centre of our family!”  and for that, we are grateful! Often there is a mass or Mother’s Day morning tea hosted by the school, and always backpacks come home containing sweet handmade cards and gifts from the kids lovingly made in class.

This year things will no doubt be a little different.  Schools are mostly closed and the usual prompts for the kids to display thoughtfulness and gratitude for mum are no longer in place. With this in mind, we have curated a Zjoosh Virtual Mother’s Day Stall where families can shop for mums and grandmas and guarantee that everything will be beautifully wrapped and packed so that they feel extra special on their day.

From the smallest gestures to more luxurious gifts, we have items to suit the budgets of junior shoppers as well as their dads. You are welcome to shop online and we will arrange delivery to your home, browse online first and collect in store later, or visit us in stores to choose for yourself. We are here to work with you on your terms and help make mum and grandma feel special and to make the experience of shopping for Mother’s Day a beautiful one.

Kell xx


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