Oleria Emporium by Olivia Perri

Oleria Emporium by Olivia Perri

My story began with the idea of gifting my huge family a special piece for Xmas that my husband and I could hand-craft, and so with a waxy mess in the kitchen and lots of laughter our first simple batch of fragrant Soy Candles were created, all set in crystal vessels collected from local antique stores. 

An appreciation for timeless elegance and charm was instantly born and my creativity set free through our now signature range called the "Antique Collection."

The candles are now crafted on our farm in Country NSW, by the river that winds past our property nestled at the foothills of the mountain, in a new purpose built barn that my husband built especially for me. Each day we are visited by our growing animal menagerie consisting of sheep, alpacas, goats, ducks & geese, with all of them stopping by at some point to say hello & always trying to sneak in which is our little game of chasing them out again. The huge double doors stay open whilst creating magic so I can hear the constant bird songs that surround me & watch the trees dancing in the valley breeze. As I pour my treasures, fragrance fills the air and it all seems so perfect with inner harmony guiding me.

My passion has bloomed & Mother Nature has become a constant inspiration with botanical candle fragrances of fruit, floral & spice, composed to my high standards of sharing an ethical product, most important of which is to only use 100% Natural Soy Wax (be wary of Soy Blend, and the low percentages of actual Soy wax used). Tricky marketing and poor industry standards means consumers are unaware that Soy Blend candles use a majority of paraffin wax (a proven carcinogen). Using only the most natural elements in my creations is my way of sending pure intentions to the world, and sharing the candle love as the Creator of Light! A honorable title indeed.

May my darlings charm your space & I thank you for choosing to gift with consideration of creator in mind.

Olivia "The Candle Lady"

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