Our Favourite Christmas Decorating Ideas to Add Magic to Your Home

Our Favourite Christmas Decorating Ideas to Add Magic to Your Home

The holiday season can bring out the interior decorator in all of us. Few scenes inspire more joy than a perfectly decorated Christmas living room or a beautiful holiday table. As a decorator, finding Christmas decorations that are on-trend is part of the fun, but there are also classic styles and designs that can take us back in time and create a more traditional feel. Some people get so excited and creative during this time of year, they even create a new Christmas theme every season.

With Zjoosh, that’s easy to do. Decorating with traditional green and red always inspires, but you might try incorporating soft-coloured pastels with bright, shiny silver or gold. You can add the perfect details like accents of glass with our baubles collection. You can also add warm lights to any of our decorations for an even more dream-like effect. We offer such a wide range of options, you could create just about any style.

Add Magic to Your Table Setting

Whether you are hosting a Christmas lunch or an elaborate holiday dinner, the atmosphere you create with the décor and settings is just as important as the menu. The right combination of elements can result in an experience and setting that’s truly unforgettable. The right combination of design elements and accents brings it all together in a feast for the senses.

Change things up with our holiday snow dusted birch tree instead of a traditional evergreen. The effect is truly magical – this compact Christmas tree can be the perfect addition to your table scape, adding just enough height while lighting up the room.

Our Table Top Tree with Warm Lights is crafted out of flexible, mouldable wire, so they can twist and bend however you wish. The warm lights at the end of each stem can illuminate any holiday setting in a subtle and beautiful way.

We recommend pairing it with our glass bauble decorations. Fill a glass vase and artfully scatter them around the table setting to catch and reflect the light and create a mood. You can even add warm LED Fairy light strands and wrap them through foliage to add even more warmth and magic to your table arrangements.

We have an array of table top trees in different colours and sizes, so you’re sure to find one to suit your taste and décor.

Use Festive Christmas Creatures

We also offer a range of handmade felt creatures to help you bring a whimsical, mystical, and magical energy to your Christmas decor. Our mice with pearl strands are sure to draw attention. You can also add swans accented with gold beaks and crowns for a more refined effect.

Each of our Christmas creatures is unique, handcrafted, and one of a kind. They are as popular with the adults as they are with children. Perhaps it’s because Christmas brings up all sorts of childhood memories in each one of us. These precious add-ons are painted in subtle pastel colours and light up to perfectly accent your holiday settings. Place our Christmas creatures within your pine tree or allow them to be the focus of attention by using a birch tree.



Dine with Glamourous Glassware

Enhance your holiday table settings with pieces from our detailed glassware collection.

Christmas is a time to feel special, and one way to enhance the dining experience is by drinking from beautiful glassware. Our glassware collection can add refinement and sparkle to your tablescape and make your dining experience more elegant.


For classic charm and old-world flair, consider adding our European Provenance collection to your table setting. Our fine line of etched hurricane glasses, vases, and other glassware are made in Poland with an eye for detail and craftsmanship.

Add intrigue to your table setting with our Czech-etched crystal champagne flutes and wine glasses. These refined pieces will reflect the light of the candles and fairy-lit Christmas trees. 

Glass vases can add a touch of beauty around the house or function as the perfect centrepiece. Fill them with Christmas decorations, pine cones, or our beautiful and finely detailed baubles. You can also add warm LED lights to enhance the look



Add Light and Texture with Baubles

We also offer a range of highly detailed and unique baubles made from a variety of materials. You are sure to find a style suitable to add to your Christmas décor look and theme this year. They are covered with different elements to create a feast for the eyes.

We have a range of baubles that are extremely unique and highly detailed. Find baubles that are glass, pearl-encrusted, feather-topped, dripping in silver details, covered in silver or gold lace, or frosted with glitter and beads. View our curated collection.  

Fill glass vases or canisters with baubles to add texture and create an appealing sense of warmth. Add them to the table, to the banister, to the tree, within vases – everywhere around the house. Incorporate with foliage from the garden like viburnum and ivy – these glossy green plants are even more beautiful when threaded with tiny lights.

Lighting is also an essential element in creating your holiday atmosphere. Light up the house with candles, lanterns, and LED fairy light strands to create that magical atmosphere.

Decorate Your Holidays with Zjoosh

 The holiday season is a magical time of year for young and old alike. It’s a time for creating a festive atmosphere in your home and around the dinner table. With Zjoosh, you’ll never run out of ideas. You can create a new holiday theme every year.

What will your holiday décor theme be this year? We hope you’ve been inspired by our decorating guide and are ready to make your vision a reality. Finding Christmas decorations that are on-trend is part of the fun but there are also classic styles and designs that always work.

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  • Amandine Saille