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Our Parisian Palette


A recent trip to Paris in springtime reawakened our love for two of our favourite hues- the soft blue of the clear Paris skies and lavender or lilac which seems to be more commonly used in France than elsewhere.

Being the colour of the sea and the sky, blue is without doubt so easy to live with. Subtle, calming and always fresh. Not too far away on the spectrum, is lavender. A colour associated with growth in springtime which in Europe also means Easter. Lavender is fresh and youthful, sparking imagination, creativity and optimism.

Both blue and Lavender encourage calmness and tranquility of mind inspiring self-reflection and relaxation. This correlation is strongly reinforced with the Lavender plant which is used often in so many of our Zjoosh products and it stands to reason that using both in conjunction provokes a more profound effect.

Wanda in our Belrose store, wearing our Lilac Cashmere Boyfriend Jumper.

Zjoosh makes life more beautiful.

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  • Rebecca Taylor