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Party Safe Candles - How to Candle with Care

Party Safe Candles - How to Candle with Care


by: Kellie Rigney

One of the unwritten rules of hosting a great party is mastering the art of the pleasant surprise, and there are few better opportunities to give your guests a ‘wow’ experience than the very first moment they walk into your garden or house. Usually this can be as simple as cleverly distributing a series of low-lit candles that throw warm, ambient light on normally hard-to-reach places – maybe it’s the branches of a tree or above the mantelpiece or bookshelves.  100I1062-2

But using burning candles can be a dangerous exercise, not to mention a tiresome task to snuff them out when the last guest has stumbled home. I’ve found the best solution over the years has been battery-operated, flameless candles. Our Real Safe Candles are a perfect example – discreet, elegant and so easy to use. For one they come with a timer, meaning all you have to do is place them and set the desired time you want them on – say, four or eight hours – then chuff off to bed with the work all done for you. (Note: from an aesthetic point of view my advice would be to place rows of Real Safe Candles in different sizes – they come in small, medium and large – so they appear more authentic.)   The Real Safe Candles are also totally safe for children and gorgeous in their bedrooms. With their soft, sleep-inducing light they add such a special touch to your little ones rooms, particularly for girls interested in bedtime stories about fairies!

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