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Pink (in my humble opinion) is the most joyful colour of all. I think to date our pink and white candy striped Kell Shirt might just be the most cheerful piece we have created so far. Unashamedly girly in true Zjoosh style, this particular shirt is (for me ) the epitome of confident, feminine style.

We were pretty thrilled to see @amandaramsaymakeup wearing our fab Kell Shirt just the other day, and if you haven't yet fallen into the vortex of Amanda's makeup tutorial heaven, then I can assure you if you do take the plunge, she will turn your lockdown frown upside down.

I recently discovered Amanda and found myself mesmerised by her videos. Before I knew it I'd purchased the over 40s Makeup kit. There is an over 50s kit, but I'm not one to rush things even by a month! I'll openly admit I'm a cosmetics junkie and my Friday fix felt ever so sweet as I added to cart.

Sweeter still were the two occasions during the week after I'd started using when 2 seperate friends I'd run into messaged me to tell me they thought I looked lovely! There WAS also that moment when my daughter said I did "look better" which I'm prepared to accept as a compliment.

Either way, I just thought I'd share my joyous discovery. Watch her vids if you're in the mood, and marvel at the transformative effects of some really good cosmetics.

Our super cute Kell Shirt in pink and white stripes is still available. There are only a few left for now, so if you do miss out please direct message me for pre-orders.

X Kell

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  • Rebecca Taylor