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Quintessence - How it began

We hope you love our Endless Summer window by our Northbridge manager @susanamoradopaz . This store on Sydney’s lower north shore  is still called Quintessence as it was named by its previous talented owner, Julie Quinn. 
When we decided to purchase the Quintessence business, we had just started developing our own accessories brand called Zjoosh.  Quintessence was the perfect place for us to steadily develop our own identity within a beautiful and established store which was known and loved by its customers. The challenge was to retain those loyal customers and continue to provide the things they loved, while at the same time grow something of our own. 
Steadily we developed the Zjoosh brand and the Quintessence store gradually, over time became a reflection of us . We opened new Zjoosh stores in various locations, but even though the assortment of Quintessence under our ownership has always been identical to our other stores, we never quite got around to changing her name. 
You may have noticed that the old girl is beginning to show her age a little. She needs a bit of Love, and so a new counter, proper fitting rooms, new lighting, a beautiful dedicated Zjoosh beauty bar and some signature Zjoosh joinery are all in order. 
The talented @andrewwallerdesign (the man behind all our fit outs as well as this original Quintessence fitout) has masterfully created the perfect adaptation of this already beautiful (if a little tired) space to become a beautiful Zjoosh store. 
Stay tuned for progress reports. We have our ducks in a row and the joinery is already being crafted off site, so it shouldn’t take too long. 
We can’t wait to show you our new Zjooshed version!
X Kell

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