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Relieve HSC Stress - Thoughtful Reminders That You Are There For Her


With the HSC final exams commencing this Thursday, we are thinking of all those year twelve students who will doubtless be head down in their English texts right now. For many it’s a very stressful time, but it’s important to remember that these exams, and the results to follow are not the only things to define them and their academic abilities.  The end is in sight and we want them to know that we are thinking of them and willing them not to rush, stress or worry about how things will work out, but instead remain calm and focussed, trusting that everything that belongs in their life is making it’s way toward them.

Kind words of reassurance are important and small gestures to show love and encouragement will be gratefully received as a welcome circuit breaker at this time. We’ve gathered together some thoughtful gift ideas which may give our students a little boost as they approach the beginning of these exams.

Fox and Fallow Stationary

There is something about a new pen, notebook that sparks an emotional response. The smell and cleanness of a fresh notebook makes us feel that, within this book, anything can be achieved. We can write quotes, lists, thoughts and memories to record forever and this sense of potential can be quite magnetic. Blank pages to be filled with dreams, aspirations and plans.

With these positive and motivating associations, is it any wonder that so many people love beautiful stationery? Having the right stationery really does help encourage us to be more creative and organised and let’s face it, if there is to be a pen in her hand for hours on end during HSC time, it may as well be a pretty one. Our new collection of beautiful stationery from Fox and Fallow is bound to make her smile and sure to make writing and rewriting those quotes a little more pleasurable.


Gold Foil Prints


Our Beautiful Gold Foil Prints are perfect to frame or pin up in study areas. Gentle reminder that life is beautiful (even though it may feel stressful right now). Perfect when popped in frame or pinned about her desk to add some colour to her workspace and some thoughtful inspiration.


Cup Of Tea?

A cup of tea (especially herbal tea) is known to relax and calm anxiety and stress. One of our bone china mugs with a box of her favourite Peppermint, chamomile or passion flower tea will make a very thoughtful gesture. Herbal teas can not only reduces stress and anxiety, but may also help treat insomnia and reduce irritability. Taking time to stop and make a cup of tea and imbibe a warm drink is the perfect way to punctuate long hours spent at one’s desk.



Lighting a candle can signify time to relax and breathe in the subtle calming scent. A warm bath with a candle burning and some soothing music playing can be the perfect way to de-stress. Add some sweet new smells to her bath and shower with our Zjoosh Bloom Bathing Brew. Included are three different luxurious sachets, each featuring a different botanical blend – rose, verbena and rosemary which she can use in different ways from rubbing on her skin to clean and exfoliate or hanging under running water to give the bathroom a fantastic fragrance which will calm and relax her before a good night’s sleep.


Faux Flowers

Our best-selling Peony Bouquets make a gorgeous addition to any workspace. A splash of pink will brighten her desk and serve as a reminder that you are thinking of her.


To all our customers who are students or who have students in their lives, we wish you positivity, focus and calm. Remember to take care of YOU!

With Love from ZJOOSH.

By Kellie Rigney - Founder & Creative Director of ZJOOSH 


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