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Significant Gifts For Her


Over time, ZJOOSH has become a “go to” destination for purchasing gifts,  from thoughtful gestures to more luxurious significant gifts to mark special milestone birthdays or other important occasions.

Beautiful gifts are “our thing” and we spend loads of time thinking about what people of “a certain age” would really like to receive to mark their special moment in time.

I seem to be at a time in my life when significant birthday party invitations are popping up with great regularity in our family. I have a daughter turning 18 and a son turning 21, and I am 50 next year. The party season is in full flight for all of us, so beautiful gift ideas are front of mind for me. I LOVE giving good gifts and I love nothing more than to help customers find perfect gifts they are as thrilled to give as the receiver will be to receive.

So, having applied much thought to gift giving, here is a list of my most favourite gift ideas for special birthdays. 


1. Silk Slip Nightgown - Deeply personal, incredibly luxurious and truly Just for her. I gave this recently to the daughter of a dear friend who was turning 21 and she was absolutely thrilled.

2. Silk Eyemask and Pillow Slip – Again so personal and luxurious, but also incredibly practical. She will use these every single night and be reminded to take care of herself. 

3. Jewellery – Perhaps opt for something a little more special. Maybe something from our Ellani Range if she is turning say 18 or 21. A piece from our Zjoosh by Sybella range might me more suitable if she is turning 40, 50 or 60. Both ranges are sterling silver and rhodium or gold plated. Beautifully boxed and suitably special.

4. Cashmere- For me a no brainer!! Everyone LOVES cashmere. There is no fibre softer or more luxurious. Whether it’s a single width scarf or double width wrap, she will think of you each time she uses it. I have loved giving cashmere as 21st gift to girls heading off on their travels to the Northern Hemisphere. Equally a perfect gift for someone older who truly appreciates the finer things. 

5. Our Inlay Boxes - Wow. Just Wow. Handmade in Rajasthan, these keepsake boxes will be cherished forever. I was given something similar for my own 21st birthday and to this day it holds everything from first locks of my children’s hair, baby hospital bracelets, wedding invitations, love letters and my grandmother’s holy cards. If the house was burning down, it would be the first thing I would take with me.  

6. Zjoosh Candelabra or our Plantation Style Hurricanes- A gorgeous significant gift for someone who truly loves their home. These timeless classic pieces will bring her joy every day and will no doubt be passed down as family heirlooms.

Don’t forget that any every gift purchased at Zjoosh is wrapped with love and great care. Celebrating special moments brings family and friends together and we love to help you make these experiences more beautiful.

By Kellie Rigney - Founder & Creative Director of ZJOOSH

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