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Simple Gift Ideas That Are Unique and Memorable

Simple Gift Ideas That Are Unique and Memorable


by: Kellie Rigney

In a world awash with complicated nonsense, when given something classic and straightforward, people will often revel in its simplicity. This is why small gift ideas that have a purity of purpose that adds to their beauty and value are often the best presents. Big isn’t always better, and sometimes complex is just confusing.

Of course, coming up with simple gifts can be paradoxically difficult. We tend to overthink things, ignoring the clear choice because we confuse obviousness with a shameful lack of effort.

Rest assured, a knack for gift giving is nothing to be ashamed of! If you can quickly pick out fantastic presents for people, then that’s great. But if you’re like many others who don’t find the process so simple, this guide will be a big help to you.



People who swear they don’t like jewellery usually mean they don’t like jewellery in general: but still, there are specific, more understated pieces you can get them to wear happily. Just check out this tortoiseshell bangle: it’s a classic piece that will never go out of style so that it can be worn and treasured for decades.

And for the people you know who love a little sparkle and shine, there are bolder options that still exude refined sophistication, like this princess-cut ring. The trick is not to select pieces that are so fashion-forward it’s off-putting but to pick ones that are relevant enough to incite interest and appreciation.



If you’re looking for small gift ideas for someone near and dear, thoughtful tokens are a good option. Since they are made with the intention of being kept for life (or at least a long time), giving it to someone shows you plan to be in their life for the long haul. Be sure to take their personality into account when selecting the gift, not shying away from cool and unconventional items that you know they’d love.
The keepsakes don’t have to be of the traditional knick-knack variety, either; think outside the box by getting a lovely gift like this mirrored box, which can be used in almost any home, melding wonderfully with existing decor.
Also, consider more functional keepsakes that they can use – trinkets that will make them think of you every time they use it! Something as unorthodox as beautiful, statement cutlery can be an unexpected and inspired small gift idea for someone who is moving into their first home.
A simple keyring can also send a poignant message. It’s a relatively inexpensive small gift idea that will stay with (and on!) the recipient throughout the day, acting as a constant reminder of how much they mean to you.

Fun & Function

Part of the success of buying any gift revolves around selecting something the recipient would not necessarily buy themselves, but something you can still envision them using (and loving!).
A quality handbag, for example, is something some women will forgo purchasing, deeming the expense too much. But do they want a great bag? Of course, they do! Still, they’ll settle for subpar alternatives that need to be replaced within a year. Ultimately, they’ll end up spending more replacing the purse than they would have if they had just bought a good quality one in the first place. Spare them the endless expense and gift them with a gorgeous bag that’s built to last.
Same goes for wallets. Many people use the same wallet until it falls apart. The only time they think to buy a new one is when they’re paying for something. And because they’re already fronting cash, they probably don’t want to entertain the idea of spending more for another wallet. This makes a new one an ideal gift idea for just about anyone. After all, even if they don’t need it right at that moment, they will eventually.
If you haven’t found an idea on this list that you feel is steering you in the right direction, then chances are you’re overthinking things. As Leonardo Da Vinci once said, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”

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