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So Many Ways To Say - I Love You Mum

So Many Ways To Say - I Love You Mum


by: Kellie Rigney

Mother’s Day is a pretty special time for us at ZJOOSH. To begin with, so many of our staff are mum’s and we all agree that mum’s are pretty much the most special people in our lives.  There is no one like your mum.


It wasn’t until I actually became a mum that I really understood exactly how much is required of a person when they have a child. No one can ever explain it or forewarn of how your life will no longer really be your own.  You will forever worry about and consider your children in every single thing you do and you will always see yourself in the context of these other people who are essentially part of you.

With this is mind, we’ve really thought about ways to show our appreciation for mum’s on this very special day that is dedicated entirely to them. We’ve tried to think about mum’s as individuals and we’ve tailor made gift bundles to suit different styles and interests. We’ve kept in mind that our customers include “junior shoppers” who may have smaller budgets,  people my age wanting to go all out and thoroughly spoil their mum, and my most favourite customers being the husbands who really want to show their appreciation for the woman that loves their kids so much.


It’s a pretty heartwarming time to be working in a ZJOOSH store and we make it our serious mission to make not only the person receiving the gift feel truly appreciated, but also the person giving the gift feel wonderful about choosing something which perfectly expresses their love and gratitude.

A beautifully wrapped suitably girly and luxurious gift from ZJOOSH is sure to do the trick and absolutely guaranteed to make her smile all day if preceded by a sleep in followed by a breakfast in bed of coffee, croissants and perhaps a glass champagne.

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