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So They Can

So They Can

 So They Can works with communities in Africa in need; empowering people to become self-sufficient and meet their own needs via education and community and economic development.



They connect people in the developed world with communities in need; so that they can both improve the way they live and work towards sustainable poverty alleviation.



An important So They Can program is Miti Mingi Children's Village in Kenya, home to 120 orphaned and vulnerable children in our care. It's a family and home to call their own.  This beautiful Village, consists of 15 individual family homes where orphaned and vulnerable children live with a loving and dedicated 'Mama' and new 'brothers and sisters'.  Each Zjoosh store has committed to fund a 'Zjoosh Mama' for a full year helping them to care for the Miti Mingi Children in a safe and loving environment.  



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  • Rebecca Taylor