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Styling With Grasses


Pampas grass is the year's newest (and most surprising) trend. These gorgeous natural and pink toned grasses recall vintage gardens and pastures. Our everlasting synthetic grasses beautifully complement modern decor as well as more traditionally styled interior spaces. Purchase individual stems in all stores, or if you would like more than 12 stems of any one kind, we can ship to you free of charge.

I love pampas grass as a glamorous and impactful event styling ingredient. It makes a great addition to any earthy or boho-inspired event. A single large installation can make a gorgeous, soft statement for a 21st birthday or wedding party and can be enjoyed for years afterwards placed alongside an ornate mirror to supremely decadent effect. Mixing roses and other dried elements makes for an even softer romantic look. Whether you opt for just 2 or 3 stems or a giant, cloud like arrangement, you can be certain the ultimate effect will be feminine, wistfully dreamlike and an interesting, modern alternative to standard flowers and greenery. 

By Kellie Rigney - Founder & Creative Director of ZJOOSH

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