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Cotton Cashmere Knits - Like An Old Favourite Friend

Do you have a favourite jumper? One that you really look forward to pulling on at the end of a long day. Like an old faithful friend, you feel warm and secure the minute you are reunited.

Perhaps it’s so “loved” it bears a few battle scars. The odd pull or stain, but its beauty lies in its softness and feel against your skin.

Our new collection of cotton and cashmere Tara Knits, have all the comfort and softness of your old favourite sweater, but have elegant balloon sleeves and long cuff detail which make you feel fully “dressed” while also feeling fully relaxed. Feeling comfortable and looking elegant need not be mutually exclusive.

I’m wondering if these days of working from home and spending weekends snuggled up will have a lasting effect on the way we dress? Just this morning I ran into a lawyer friend who admitted that working in the comfort of her own home without the “corporate costume”, has been a welcome change. Fine work can be achieved just as well cross legged on the sofa as propped at a desk after a long commute.

Kell x


Who knows what will happen, but for now we are accomodating your need for beautiful, yet extremely comfortable apparel. Shop all stores for our many colours in the Tara Jumper and skirts. You really have to feel the softness to understand why these pieces will become your trusty favourites for many years to come.

Ponchettes - Your Star Performer Trans Seasonal Piece

You loved our super long and luxurious ponchos that go all the way down to your knees. But at 1m x 2m that’s a lot of cashmere, and the truth is not everyone wants all that, particularly as we have passed the winter midpoint. Enter the Zjoosh PONCHETTE! A smaller poncho (exactly half the size) for when you just want to quickly and elegantly add a layer on top.

If you are like me and you love your fashion to work overtime, then the Ponchette will be your star performer trans seasonal piece. Wear with the seam on the side for classic elegance, or bring the seam to the front and pull all the fabric forward and wear as a scarf under a jacket.

A simple Long Sleeved T or any simple shirt is instantly lifted with one of these popped on top.  My friend Leanne admitted on the weekend to popping one of these over her Pjs for her early morning Zoom calls!  A stroke of Covid fashion genius! What’s Not to love! X Kell