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The Gift of Rest


At the risk of generalising, most of us women have busy schedules. We are masterful multi-taskers juggling work and home life with the hope (sometimes unrealistic) of squeezing in some time for ourselves along the way. It can be A LOT, and if there is one thing I’d love more than anything this mother’s day, It’s a good, uninterrupted night’s sleep, or failing that, a nap. Sound familiar?

My family laugh at the fact that I am the first one to suggest we all watch a movie, but I’m also invariably sound asleep by the second scene. If I’m travelling, I am sound asleep before for the plane has even taken off, and long card rides present the perfect opportunity to roll back the seat and have a doze. I remember both my mum and grandmother doing exactly the same thing. Stealing a little sleep on the go because a solid night’s sleep is a rare thing for us mums.

Ample sleep has eluded me since I became pregnant with our first child in 1998! Having had 3 more babies in fairly quick succession afterwards, I remember there being years of my life where I was permanently tired. Woken with cries of hunger, teething, fevers and all the many other reasons a baby or toddler just won’t sleep through.

And Just when I could guarantee the kids would actually sleep through the night, It was me who would lie awake worrying whether they were “meeting milestones”, happy in their friendships, or “thriving” at school. It seems that being a mum and sleeping soundly are two things which do not go together well.

So it stands to reason, that for me, sleep is the ultimate luxury and I imagine the same goes for so many mums all over the world. It is therefore no mystery that at Zjoosh we see beautiful loungewear and sleepwear as the ultimate gifts for mum. Items that are so truly luxurious and comfortable that pure relaxation and drifting off to sleep will come all the more easily to her.

Both our Zjoosh Cotton Cashmere collection and our gorgeous Ginger Lily Sleepwear collection make perfect gifts for the woman who deserves a really good rest. Choose from our many beautiful styles and know that she will feel suitably appreciated this Mother’s Day.

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